Kawawa Ramen

I have a feeling I will get some backlash for writing this post.  Why?  Well let me get my final thoughts on Kawawa out early in this post.  Quite simply, I really enjoyed the food and will definitely go back.

Kawawa Ramen

Kawawa is located inside Metrotown right beside their All-You-Can-Eat establishment of the same name.  Now I know I know, this really isn’t an authentic ramen restaurant.  Heck, none of the people that work there are Japanese.  But they actually make some of the better non-Downtown non-Japanese-run ramen I’ve ever tasted.

Kawawa Ramen: Beef Tongue Ramen

LBF ordered the Beef Tongue (or “beef tough” as it’s written on the menu) and I think it’s around $8-9.  It came in their “Japanese Style Broth” which I’ll assume is equivalent to shio.  It came with a measly 3 small slices of “beef tough” and indeed it was tough, or so I’m told.  The soup however was quite flavorful and the ramen noodles were not bad.  Quite al dente.

Kawawa Ramen: Combo A

L ordered Combo A which came with a bowl of ramen in Japanese-style broth and a small bowl of charshu rice, which you will see later.  It was $7.95 which is a pretty good deal.

Kawawa Ramen: Combo B

As for me, I ordered the Combo B which is basically the same thing but with Miso soup instead.  My ramen also came with one slice of pretty fatty, yummy charshu.  I only wish they gave more, as it was made pretty well.  The soup was quite rich and concentrated and you can clearly taste miso in it.  I liked it more than the version at Miko (oh I still have to write that post huh….)

Kawawa Ramen: Charshu rice bowl

And here’s the Charshu rice bowl.  They do give quite a bit of sauce so I really liked this a lot.  Especially when it’s packed for next day’s work lunch!!

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  1. Hi Wendy:
    Where in Metrotown is Kawawa? Is it upstairs from McDonalds? Thanks for writing this. I now have one more place to go to lunch!

  2. Actually, I didn’t mind Kawawa that much. Similar to you, I thought it wasn’t that bad. Of course, since I am in Downtown Vancouver a lot, I see no reason to go to Kawawa…

  3. Kawawa Ramen doesn’t necessarily suck. It’s okay for Burnaby. Not great compared to the Downtown heavy weights. What I really can’t stand is the restaurant beside it! 🙂

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