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The Foundation

Update: This restaurant is now closed.

Now I’m a complete carnivore.  I don’t think I’ll ever become a vegetarian or live off veggies alone.  However like most people that like to eat, I’m open to pretty much anything, so when a friend came back from Japan and we were to meet up for dinner, her suggestion of The Foundation was a much-welcomed one.

My only other time to eat at a western vegetarian restaurant was at Bandidas, and I enjoyed it a lot.  Plus the rave reviews of The Foundation did not help in deterring me from it.

The Foundation: "Small" nachos

Now everyone RAVED about the nachos here.  Between the 4 of us we shared a small ($10 + $2 for guacamole) and it was HUMONGOUS.  We couldn’t finish it.

It was simply tortilla chips covered in melted cheddar cheese, black beans, and corn.  It was really good, but not especially exciting for me really.  But then I was never a big nacho fan.

The guacamole was thick and chunky and really good.  I didn’t really use the salsa or the sour cream though.

Foundation: Mango Forte

Next we shared the Mango Forte, which consisted of rotini(?) pasta tossed with broccoli, zucchini, mango chunks, and jalapeños in a coconut sauce.

My impression of this was not good.  First of all, the pasta was very bland, even after mixing everything together.  The sauce really didn’t have much flavor aside from being spicy and then suddenly you’re hit with the sweetness of the mangoes.  I wonder if this is more like a salad, even though it was served hot warm.  Again, I didn’t like this.

Foundation: Sesame Society

Last was the Sesame Society which had steamed veggies and tofu over steamed quinoa, all on a bed of fresh, raw spinach stirred with tahini sauce and chickpeas.  I really enjoyed this one.  The tofu and cauliflower were especially good with the sweetish sesame sauce.  I love quinoa, and I love sesame, so naturally this was my fav of the night.

I would definitely go back to The Foundation again.  Oh look!  I’m going on Friday!!

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