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Gorilla Food

Update: This restaurant has closed.

I had a day out with Miz Brown Sugar in Downtown and we were planning to have lunch too.  Since Miz Brown Sugar was vegan, I was left with the task of finding a suitable restaurant.  I actually didn’t realize how hard it was to find a vegan restaurant in Downtown.  I mean…it’s DOWNTOWN for god’s sakes, but it turns out if you want to go to a vegetarian/vegan restaurant most of the choices you’re left with are salad bars.  In food courts.

Gorilla Food exterior

But as luck would have it I did manage to find one place, Gorilla Food, which serves organic, vegetarian, raw food.  I guess that means it’s still a salad bar of sorts, since “raw” food aren’t supposed to be heated up to a certain temperature.  This should be an interesting experience.

Gorilla Food interior

It’s definitely a hippie joint.  A popular one too.  Miz Brown Sugar and I had to wait a few minutes for a table.  It’s very casual.

We were also immediately mesmerized by the desserts, so in the end we decided to share an entree and then get a dessert each!

Gorilla Food: GO Veggie Burger

We shared the popular GO Veggie Burger ($8, I really don’t know what the “GO” stands for since this “burger” is far from portable…) which was described as “A stack of two veggie burger patties thickly topped with guacamole, fresh tomato slices, cucumber slices, shredded seasonal veggies and a ginger-tomato ketchup“.  The patties are actually walnut-hempseed veggie  patties that were actually quite tasty, and has a bit of spice in it.  Very interesting.

Gorilla Food: veggie-flaxseed bun

I also added the veggie-flaxseed bun for $2, and it really was just two thin slices of packed down “bread”.  It kinda tasted like tomato actually.  It was a nice addition since it adds substance and worked as a filler.

This really is a messy burger though.  It crumbled very, very well.  We didn’t really know how to eat it so I just ended up tearing the lettuce into small pieces and making mini wraps.  I was also bit disappointed it wasn’t quite as “thickly topped with guacamole” as I expected.

Gorilla Food: Dessert selection

So after that it was time for dessert!  Look at the display!  So tempting!  But mind you they are quite pricey though.  The truffle-type things in the back are at least $2.50-3 each.  We didn’t get those though.

Gorilla Food: Apple Custard Pie

Instead Miz Brown Sugar chose the Apple Custard Pie ($6).  It was really good and creamy, and we think it’s due to mashed bananas.  Cinnamon was prominent too.  I liked the crust a lot.  Oh and it was chocked full of thinly sliced apples.  A good choice.

Gorilla Food: Lemon Avocado Pie

My choice was the Lemon Avocado Pie ($6).  I LOVE avocado, so this looked really really delicious to me.  Miz Brown Sugar didn’t think so, or maybe she did.  When she took a bite she made a face, but managed to choke out the words “It’s good…it’s just different!”.  I liked it.  A lot.  I even joked with her how I can use it as a mask since it’s so creamy.  The lemon flavor was pretty obvious and this combination definitely was different.  Did I say I loved it??

However, despite all this, we both decided we very likely will not come back.  First of all, it’s expensive.  Second of all, the food itself wouldn’t have filled us up (minus the desserts).  We originally wanted to get the Chocolate Hempseed Cake but Miz Brown Sugar was saying how it’s similar to Naam‘s shakti cake and it’s cheaper there too.  So…despite loving the avocado pie, it’s not enough to bring us back…:(

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