Halong Bay Vietnamese Restaurant

Update Jun 10, 2009: This restaurant has since closed down

I’ve had this stashed in my pictures folder for the longest time.  I’ve just never came around to blogging them (as you might be able to tell from the last picture, the business card was taken with a Christmas Card backdrop!!!)

This is a nice little Vietnamese restaurant nestled in a mall on Westminster Hwy.  It’s really hidden from view from the road so I think that’s why they don’t get a lot of attention.  That’s too bad, ‘cuz they’re really not bad at all.

Halong Bay Vietnamese Restaurant

They’re a nice little clean restaurant.  Ambiance is good, probably due to the green decor.  The store was very fragrant when we stepped in.  Service was friendly and fast.

Halong Bay Vietnamese Restaurant: Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Vietnamese iced coffee is served with a bowl of ice.  I don’t drink coffee, but Boyfriend loves it.  He said it was good but not especially different from other similar restaurants.

Halong Bay Vietnamese Restaurant: House Special Pho

I had ordered the House Special Pho once again as always.  As you can see, the soup seems a bit more oily than some other ones I’ve been to.  However, upon sipping it it wasn’t especially greasy.  The portion of noodles seemed a little on the small side though, but the other ingredients made up for that.

Halong Bay Vietnamese Restaurant: Lemongrass chicken sub (banh mi)

For some reason Boyfriend enjoys Vietnamese sub sandwiches more that pho.  More often than not, he’ll just end up ordering two of these and call it a meal.

This was the Lemongrass chicken sub.  The meat was very tender and juicy.  It could use a bit more of the pickled carrots and daikon though.

Halong Bay Vietnamese Restaurant:  Sugar Cane Shrimp

Boyfriend also felt like ordering the Sugar Cane Shrimp too.  It was weird how one piece was so much bigger than the other.  Do you think we got ripped off?

The sugar cane was young and tender, therefore it was very juicy.  It also came with a lot of veggies.  This was about $2.95 per piece I think.

All in all the food’s ok.  It is very likely we’ll come back if we happen to pass by and felt like pho.

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