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Vivacity 名都

Update: This restaurant has closed.

SO like I said before, Vivacity Restaurant is my mom’s favorite dim sum place. This one Tuesday we were fortunate enough to be able to get a parking space in that hellhole parkade of theirs.

Vivacity exterior

Normally, it shouldn’t be that bad (but honestly, it’s still really bad) cuz there’s supposed to be an attendant that tells you where to park, even when it’s a spot you’re not actually supposed to park in.  But this particular day, the attendant decided to converse (for the longest time) with a young lady that works next door, leaving the 5 or so cars (us included) to fend for ourselves.

But like I said, we were fortunate.

Vivacity interior

Bad parking aside, this place is pretty good.  The food is good, and the price isn’t too expensive.  They have around 5 lcd screens around the dining room playing underwater footage.  It’s quite enjoyable actually

Vivacity menu card

This is one of those dim sum restaurant where you have a list to check off.  No ladies wheeling stuff around.

Vivacity Steamed: Shrimp Dumpling in Homemade Style

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling in Homemade Style

I always get this.  There’s another version with peanuts that I don’t like.  The skin was very well made, very chewy and the filling had lots of shrimp in it.  It wasn’t overly salty.  If you order this make sure you eat it first so that it doesn’t cool too much.  The skin is much better fresh.

Vivacity: Deep-fried Shrimp Dumpling

Deep-fried Shrimp Dumpling

Don’t you notice how much dumpling-type dim sum is shrimp-based?

Anyways we were pleasantly surprised with this one.  It was really fresh, really crispy, and the oil used to fry it was fresh too.  Very nice.  The glutinous part has a slight sweetness to it which is what I’ve always loved about this particular dish.

Vivacity: Chicken Feet in Ginger Soup

Chicken Feet in Ginger Soup

This is a specialty chicken feet dish of some restaurants.  Vivacity’s version is spectacular.  The feet are soft and so the skin is easily off the bones, and was very flavorful.  What they’ve neglected to include in the name of the dish is the chinese herb Don Guai, which is very prominent.  One whiff or one taste of the soup and you’ll see.  It was lovely.

Vivacity: Steamed Fish Maw and Shrimp Paste

Steamed Fish Maw and Shrimp Paste

Another favorite of ours.  This time however the fish maw was very small and in broken pieces.  Hopefully this is a one time thing.  Otherwise as good as always.

Vivacity: Steamed Beef and Pea Shoots Rice Roll

Steamed Beef and Pea Shoots Rice Roll

And of course dim sum wouldn’t be complete for me without this.  The rice noodle was thin and nice, but not as chewy as other places.  The soy sauce was good though- just the right amount of sweetness and saltiness.

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  1. I never been a resturant with such horrible experience. It’s wasn’t a busy night but we have to wait 45 mins and still hasn’t get the food. The waiter/waitess just don’t care of your complaint.The food was very expensive compare to other resturants around.The dishes they advistised on the new paper has many conditions.

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