Blueberry World Frozen Yogurt

Update Jul 20, 2012: This restaurant is now closed

Welcome to Blueberry World, where your wildest dreams and pleasures will come true!!! Well, not exactly, but my parents, Wendy and I did enjoy ourselves in this little shop on West Broadway near Granville. The exterior view into the shop was like this:

Blueberry World Frozen Yogurt

It was about 9:30pm when we arrived.  The place closes at 11pm.

Blueberry World Frozen Yogurt interior

The interior was a clean, pleasing design.  It has a modern look with the glass tables and the clear, blue-tinted stools.  There were probably seats for about 7 people.  So, needless to say that Blueberry World was more of a takeout place.

Blueberry World Frozen Yogurt toppings

Blueberry World didn’t have as much toppings available as Qoola (its direct competitor, I suppose).  I did not find many toppings that grabbed attention. However, we did settle on something in the end.

Blueberry World: Sweet Mango Star Jelly on Original flavor yogurt and Green Tea yogurt with Coconut flakes

On the left would be Sweet Mango Star Jelly on Original flavor yogurt.   It’s partner in crime would be Green Tea Yogurt covered with a dose of coconut flakes.

I enjoyed the Mango stars quite a bit and it was definitely a strong choice.  The Green Tea yogurt itself did taste better than the original flavor.  However, the coconut stuff just plain sucked.  I guess that’s probably why my parents did not really appreciate it too much (even though it was my picky mother that chose it).  However I’ll definitely would like to try the other toppings.

Blueberry World, overall, was a pleasant experience.  The service was good and no complaints at all.  Due to our previous experience at Qoola and its eventual blog’s responses, we found it necessary to ask the server if the yogurt served was either powder or liquid based.  The server did not know.  I must say that the yogurt at BW was much firmer than the items we got at Qoola.  Next time, I am gonna go to BW and see how many raspberries they will put on my serving!  If you’re in the area, please do try it out!

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