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The Fish House Redux – Sequel Syndrome

Update: This restaurant has closed.

We have once again decided to grace The Fish House in Stanley Park with our presence and be subjected to their alluring offerings. The occasion is my mom’s birthday. She really enjoyed it last year and we were looking forward to it again. My mom is usually picky (and at times, illogically picky) about some of the places we go to. The Fish House was one of the few places we introduced her to that escaped her scorn.

As usual, the complimentary bread kicks off the dinner:

The Fish House: complimentary bread

Up next, the mouth-watering Steam Mussels with yam fries.

The Fish House: mussels and yam fries

Now, we definitely have a complaint about the order.  Compared to the several times we’ve been here, the mussel were quite small and the yam fries were very short.  It was like we had the ‘recession’ version of the food.  We did complain about it but more on that later.

The Fish House: Hawaiian Mahi-mahi

Dad’s Hawaiian Mahi-mahi. It was quite delicious.  The sauce was not overbearing and the fish meat was very firm.

The Fish House: Cedar-planked Arctic Char

Birthday girl, mom, and her Cedar-planked Arctic Char.  Char is supposed to be a derivative of salmon. It was a bit on the rough side, its flavor was not that strong and I believe my mom was not as gungho about this one as her choice last time.

The Fish House: Angel Hair Crab Cakes

Angel Hair Crab Cakes – with a serving of Caesar salad and a long stick of crouton.  Wendy enjoyed it very much.  The outside skin was very crunchy and it was full of cheese flavor.  Ironically (but not unexpectedly), the flavor of crab was MIA.  She said it was very cheesy.

The Fish House: Angel Hair Crab Cakes

A better view of the Angel Hair Crab Cake.

The Fish House: Ahi Tuna (Diane style) with Peppercorn

Enter the Ahi Tuna (Diane style) with Peppercorn.  Ever since I allowed Ahi Tuna in my life (thanks Sequoia), I have announced to everyone I know that it is the best fish dish I will ever have!!!  It has a mix of a perfectly grilled outside and a sashimi like inside.  I wish I got a better picture here to show the ‘insides’ of the Ahi Tuna, but I was too busy devouring it to do so…

The dinner was satisfying.  However, because of the poor showing with the small mussels and ‘sprinkles’ of yam fries, we were quite turned off.  The server did his job very well, but I wish they were not serving us these ridiculously-sized portions. We asked him for any possible explanation as to what happened with the portion sizes.  He responded kindly that it may be a seasonal thing.  I guess he didn’t have a real answer since the mussels were quite big exactly this time last year.

Because it was my mother’s birthday they decided to give us a tiny sweet treats of homemade truffles to end the night.

The Fish House dessert

The cubes of goodness were loaded with flavor.  It had an extraordinary rich chocolate flavor with a significant hint of rum (at least I think it was rum).   A big thumbs up for this.

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