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Amay’s House Burmese and Asian Cuisine

Fannypack is such a good dinner partner because she is mostly up for anything.  When I said I wanted to try out Amay’s House, a burmese restaurant, she immediately says “Ok let’s go!”

Amay's House - Myanmar Tea Leaf Salad Laphet Thoke

We tried a bunch of staples.  First we both really wanted Amay’s House’s version of Myanmar Tea Leaf Salad “Laphet Thoke” ($8).  Last time I had it was as Bo Laksa King.   This version had the usual suspects of fermented tea leaves, tomato, cabbage, assorted beans and nuts.

It was aromatic, savory, slightly tart, and very well seasoned.  The assorted beans and nuts added a nice crispiness to the salad.

Amay's House - Keema Prata

Keema Prata ($6) which is like a Malaysian roti.  It was stuffed with our choice of ground meat (we chose chicken), onions, and assorted spices

The prata was nice and crisp also but a bit greasy.  I like that so far the food hasn’t been overly salted.

Amay's House - Fish Noodle Soup 'Mohinga'

Rice noodles, catfish broth, lemongrass, fresh cilantro, fried garlic, fried split chana dal

Again with inspiration from Bo Laksa King, I ordered the Myanmar staple Fish Noodle Soup ‘Mohinga’ ($8).

The broth was very flavorful but light at the same time, with no fishiness at all.  Not a fan of the chana dal but I’ve never liked the texture of pasty beans.  The noodles were thin vermicelli and were quite soft.  I really liked this.


Amay's House - Laksa

Lastly, we couldn’t come to a burmese restaurant without ordering Laksa ($10).  Here it’s a house made coconut curry laksa broth served with chicken, prawn, tofu puff, hard boiled egg.  We picked thin vermicelli again as it soaks up the broth better.  The broth was fragrant and rich and delicious.

I really enjoyed Amay’s House and I would love to come back again soon.

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