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ellie Tropical Cuisine 耶里流行餐坊

Update May 18, 2009: This restaurant has since closed down 😥

OMG.  I’ve found the BEST LAKSA EVER (on this side of the world anyways…).

ellie Tropical Cuisine

I’ve always wanted to go to Ellie to try their paper hotpot.  However now that I’m here, I’ve realized that they’ve increased their pricing and now I find it a bit too expensive…$9 for a single size hotpot, so I opted for something else, and I’m glad I did~

ellie Tropical Cuisine interior

This restaurant is actually decorated quite nicely.  They have 4 large murals on the walls, and they’re weird, conceptual pictures which I don’t understand.  I felt relatively clean in there, for an Asian restaurant.  Service was prompt and courteous.

ellie Tropical Cuisine: roti and curry dip

We started with the Roti, because Boyfriend loves it.  It was light and fluffy, slightly oily though.  The curry sauce served with it had loads of flavor without being very spicy.  However, I still like the version at Tropika more because there’s a slight sweetness to theirs.  This was $3.50.

ellie Tropical Cuisine: Deep Fried Tofu with Dried Fish Flakes

As an additional snack, I ordered the Deep Fried Tofu with Dried Fish Flakes.  It was very good.  The tofu was very smooth and the fish flakes added the right amount of fragrance and flavor to the tofu.  The dipping sauce was a sweet-ish thick soya sauce.  Everything complemented each other very well.  I believe this was $5.95.

ellie Tropical Cuisine: Crazy Spicy Noodle

Boyfriend likes spicy food.  This noodle dish is called something like “Crazy Spicy Noodle”.  And indeed it was.  I didn’t dare touch it.  Boyfriend hardly talked as he was consuming this.  It was quite funny actually.  He did say it was pretty good though.

ellie Tropical Cuisine: Beef Brisket Laksa

Oh my god now this was the best laksa I’ve ever had.  They have 3 variations of this but I forgot one of them.  The other 2 are with Beef Brisket (which I ordered) or Seafood.  You can also choose between yellow noodles or vermicelli.  I chose the former.

The soup was heavenly.  It was coconutty and creamy and nice all around.  The tofu pockets soaked up all the yummy goodness and I almost didn’t want to give the other one away.  The noodles were ok, not much to talk about, at least they weren’t soggy.  The brisket was a bit tough for my liking though.

So then why is this still the best laksa ever?  The soup base my friend, the soup base.  The price was friendly too.  Only $6.95.  It was big too.  If we had known how big it was gonna be, we would’ve just ordered one noodle.

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ellie Tropical Cuisine
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  1. You like that, huh? It had been a while since we went to Ellie and we do find they are one of the best Malaysian food. I really got to go back and check out the Laksa.

  2. Crazy Spicy Noodle, Wendy? Is that a dish in Ellie or is it a restaurant? Tell me more about it. I am really dying to check it out!

  3. The only problem that I have with this restaurant is the washroom has an open top. So you can smell and hear what people are doing in the washroom. That is a little disgusting when you are eating right outside.

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