Ka Won Korean Restaurant

Another night in the States, another Korean dinner.

Ka Won Korean exterior

This time Aunt Aggy took Mom and I to a new place.  Ka Won is another favorite of hers.  All of the Korean restaurants she’s taken us to have been Mom and Pops type of places.

Ka Won Korean interior

I like the ambiance of this place more than New Seoul.  It’s warmer and less harsh fluorescent lighting.  However, although the place is warmer, I have to say it seems less clean than New Seoul.  The tables were actually kinda sticky here.

Ka Won Korean: Galbitang with banchan

But boy do they give you lots of banchan.  9 and they’re free and refillable!  If you look closely at the upper right hand corner, you see a paper cup there.  What that is, is free coffee!  They actually have an instant coffee machine at the front of the restaurant!  It’s one per person but it’s pretty decent coffee.  A nice perk that’s sure to appeal to some customers that likes freebies.

In the foreground is my favorite Korean soup Galbitang.  It was quite a bit bigger than New Seoul’s and there were more pieces of beef rib in it too.  It was really good.

Ka Won Korean: Seafood Pancake

I think we over-ordered, as we had 4 items not including the banchan.

The Seafood Pancake wasn’t done quite so well.  The bottom could’ve been a bit more crispy.  It was actually soggier than I would’ve liked.  Mind you it wasn’t dripping but just a bit more wet.

There was noticeable seafood in it though.

Ka Won Korean: Seafood Kimchi Tofu Hotpot

Mom really wanted a Tofu hotpot.  I find that the ones in Richmond really aren’t that good.  The only one that I liked was at Jang Mo Jib in Richmond, but I don’t go there anymore.

This was as good as I remembered.  We got the Seafood Kimchi Tofu Hotpot.  The soup was spicy but not overly so.  If I didn’t have my Galbitang I would’ve had more.

Ka Won Korean: Dwaeji Bulgogi

Last was Dwaeji Bulgogi.  Mom really wanted some BBQ pork too.  This was a big platter with lots of pork.  It was sweet and spicy, but a bit oily.

The service here was really good.  Even though there were only two servers and they were quite busy, she still came to serve us.  She cut the pancake for us and served us, and when we were packing to go, we offered to do it ourselves but she insisted that it’s ok and she’ll do it.  We were really satisfied with this restaurant.

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  1. Great post, specially the comparison between the dishes you can find there vs what you can find here! But, having said that, can you give us some feedback of the rest of the dishes/overall restaurant in a general comparison?

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