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The Original Pancake House

Wow it’s been a while since the last post it seems! Boyfriend and I had just gotten an Xbox 360 and we’ve been playing Lego Batman, Lego Star Wars, Lego anything and there just didn’t seem like there’s time to blog! But we’ve still been eating out and taking pictures though so don’t you worry!

So I’m just gonna continue with the US theme. It was the second time in two weeks that I travelled down to the States, this time with my Mom.

We stayed overnight at my aunt’s house, and she took us out for breakfast the next day.

The Original Pancake House exterior

My cousin has been wanting to take us to The Original Pancake House ever since the first time Boyfriend and I went down.  My aunt and cousin had been raving about this place.  Finally this time, we were able to go, albeit missing Boyfriend.  It was a relatively short drive from Mill Creek to Kirkland.

The Original Pancake House interior

It is a quaint place, not much decor but it’s comfortable, very homestyle.  As you can see it wasn’t that packed, since it was a weekday morning when we went.

So in all we ordered 3 items- 2 of their specialty items, plus an interesting omelette.

The Original Pancake House: Dutch Baby

The items arrived all at the same time.  The first thing we tasted was the crater-looking thing above called the Dutch Baby, which was one of their specialties.  It was served with more icing sugar, whipped butter and lemon on the side.

The Original Pancake House: Dutch Baby

We didn’t use any of it though, we preferred it by itself.  It was light and airy and good.  It had just the right amount of sweetness and went down easy.  All of us enjoyed this a lot.  This was one of The Original Pancake House’s specialties.

The Original Pancake House: Mushroom Omelette

Then was this monstrous thing here called the Mushroom Omelette.  Doesn’t look like it huh?  According to them, it’s a five-egg omelette that’s oven baked.  If it was a busy day we would’ve had to wait about 30 minutes for this.

The Original Pancake House: homefries and pancakes

And you know what else guys?  This omelette comes with TWO sides.  TWO.  The portioning in the States is unreal.  I don’t think they have such thing as portion-control.

There’s a choice of homefries, pancakes, or something else…I don’t remember!  I picked homefries and pancakes.

The homefries weren’t that good.  Dry, lukewarm, and too much potato!  The pancakes were nice though, fluffy and soft.  Very fresh.

The Original Pancake House: Mushroom Omelette

Don’t know if you can see clearly but that’s what the omelette looks like cut up.  The Mushroom Omelette is “filled with fresh mushrooms and topped with a rich mushroom sherry sauce”.  To be honest the mushroom and sauce part were quite good, but the omelette part wasn’t.  It just didn’t taste like an egg/omelette product.  It was more cakey.  If I didn’t know it was supposed to be an omelette, I would’ve thought it’s a pancake with mushrooms.  Perhaps too much flour was mixed in with the egg.

The Original Pancake House: Apple Pancake

Last item was their famous Apple Pancake.  Apparently this place is always packed during the weekend, and when you’re waiting, they’ll bring out their specialty Apple Pancakes to serve you while you wait.  So I thought, what if some people just come for the wait, fill up on the free pancake, then leave???

Anyways, today it wasn’t that good either.  It was very sweet obviously, but I think the pancake batter failed to rise while cooking.  It was very dense and not like how I like my pancakes.  Some apple slices were too hard.  Overall not enjoyable. Even though my aunt agrees, she says that my cousin just raves about this, so perhaps it was an off day today.  Maybe the weekends are better.

My favorite out of the three is definitely the Dutch Baby.

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  1. I think portion size in the states is only THIS ridiculous at chain and “family” restaurants. I don’t find it a problem at many other places. Actually, I find most Chinese places in Vancouver to be ludicrous with portion size. When I go with my husband, I often get the evil eye when I order small enough for us to actually finish a meal. Otherwise, I end up with more leftovers than I want to deal with. (And perhaps this is the point).
    Still, I hope you had about 12 folks at your table to finish up all that pancakey goodness! (And perhaps some insulin, just to be on the safe side).
    Thanks much for the post!

  2. The Dutch Baby looks like a souffle gone wrong.

    I’ve wanted to check this place out ever since I heard about it on the Food Network. It seems like a place that you need to visit with more than one person or you’ll have a stomache afterwards.

  3. I went to the one in portland and had to wait 2 hours!! Unfortunately we weren’t offered any of their apple pancake~

    The mushroom omelette was DELISH!! I want to go back for all their yummy food~ and i agree, the sides were HUGE!! Just the mushroom omelette order is more than enough for 2 ppls!!

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