Photo of John's Place Victoria's "Bat Out of Hell Meatloaf n Eggs"

John’s Place – Victoria, BC

This is Part 6 of our Victoria Food Adventures!  Check out the rest here! AngryRussian had heard good things about John’s Place and apparently, it’s a pretty iconic Victoria brunch spot, so we had to check it out. By the time we got to John’s Place at around 9am, they already had a line up […]

Photo of the Charlie Bowl at Jam Cafe Victoria

Jam Cafe Brunch – Victoria, BC

This is Part 3 of our Victoria Food Adventures!  Check out the rest here! I’ve never been inclined to wait in long lineups for brunch.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good brunch but standing in long lineups just because a restaurant wants to create hype but not doing reservations just doesn’t entice me at all.  Jam […]

Earl's Brunch Happy Hour - Eggs Benedict

Brunch Happy Hour at Earl’s Kitchen + Bar

This month, I went to Earl’s Happy Hour Brunch twice.  Both times were at the newly opened, BEAUTIFUL Station Square location.  Both times were glorious. Brunch is every Saturday and Sunday and holiday, and Brunch Happy Hour is from open to noon on those days.  During that time, all of the brunch food options are $9.75 and […]

Chelsea Bagel & Cafe - "Everything" bagel with chives cream cheese

Chelsea Bagel & Cafe – New York

This is Part 13 of our New York Food Adventures!  Check out the rest here! One of our New York food goals was to have bagels.  Unfortunately for me, since there was just so much to eat, I was only able to try out one place and that was Chelsea Bagel & Cafe which was around the […]

The Black Derby - Classic Benedict

The Black Derby – New York

This is Part 11 of our New York Food Adventures!  Check out the rest here! Despite our busy schedule during this New York city trip, I was able to meet up with a high school friend of mine for brunch.  He’s moved to NYC for about 10 years now and so it was up to […]

Balthazar Restaurant - Eggs Florentine

Balthazar Restaurant – New York

This is Part 7 of our New York Food Adventures!  Check out the rest here! The day before our friend’s wedding in New York, the bride organized a girl’s brunch at Balthazar Restaurant in SoHo. Apparently this is the place that Victoria Beckham goes to after showcasing the newest collection of her fashion label. The inside of Balthazar had […]

EBO Restaurant - Classic Eggs Benedict

EBO Restaurant

When PrettySis was in town with my almost 2 year old nephew on Easter Weekend, we made plans to meet up with our cousin Snoopy for brunch.  I suggested we try EBO Restaurant since parking would be easy to do on a Saturday during brunch hours and the restaurant would be roomy for the stroller […]

John B. Pub - Egg-cellent Burger

John B. Pub

AngryRussian had been dying to take me to John B. Pub, a place he’s been going to for years, and one night we finally had the chance. John B is a casual pub restaurant in Coquitlam with an attached liquor store.  It is super roomy with plenty of tvs to watch the games from.  There’s […]

Browns Socialhouse

SheShe has finally returned from her mat leave and I was finally able to lock down a brunch date with her…believe me it’s been a super long time coming.  We decided to go somewhere close and Browns Socialhouse was our choice.  She has been there before numerous times for brunch and recommended it. We went […]

Solly’s Bagelry (W 7th Ave. location)

Wendy and I were looking for a quick snack around Broadway and Cambie, and Solly’s Bagelry looked like it fit the bill. Once inside things got a bit more interesting, as we could see that Solly’s wasn’t just a bagel place, but a full Jewish bakery.  As the sign says, they carry babka but we […]