Earl's Brunch Happy Hour - Eggs Benedict
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Brunch Happy Hour at Earl’s Kitchen + Bar

This month, I went to Earl’s Happy Hour Brunch twice.  Both times were at the newly opened, BEAUTIFUL Station Square location.  Both times were glorious.

Brunch is every Saturday and Sunday and holiday, and Brunch Happy Hour is from open to noon on those days.  During that time, all of the brunch food options are $9.75 and drinks are on special too!

The first time, I had invited my girls for a surprise “Bridesmaid Proposal” where I shower them with gifts and tell them that they’re going to be my bridesmaids.  But as fantastic as that went, that’s not the point of this post.  The food options during Brunch Happy Hour are the point.

Earl's Brunch Happy Hour - Eggs Benedict

I had the Eggs Benedict (of course) which came on toasted artisan bread instead of english muffin, classic hollandaise, ham, served with their yummy crispy potatoes.

I’m not a fan of potatoes but I really like Earl’s as they were seasoned very well and were very crispy and yet still fluffy and moist inside!

The poached eggs were perfect runny consistency but a bit small…I guess that’s free-range eggs for you!

Earl's Brunch Happy Hour - Avocado Super Brunch

Miz Brown Sugar had the Avocado Super Brunch but as she was vegan she omitted the eggs.  It came with smashed avocado, olive oil and tomatoes, radish, spicy sriracha, toasted hemp seeds on toasted artisan bread with field greens.  She said it was really good and it was really cool that they would do the modification.

T-Dog and C-Dizzle basically had the Eggs Benedict also but without the ham and substituted avocado instead.  For no extra charge!  They truly were awesome!

Since I had such a great experience, I had to bring AngryRussian for a revisit!

Earl's Brunch Happy Hour - Signature Caesar

We started with $5 Signature Caesars and they were massive and delicious.  There was a perfect amount of spiciness and I loved the rimmer!  It came with a pickle quarter, and interestingly…a thin pepperoni stick!!

Earl's Brunch Happy Hour - Caesar rimmer