Photo of the Charlie Bowl at Jam Cafe Victoria
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Jam Cafe Brunch – Victoria, BC

This is Part 3 of our Victoria Food Adventures!  Check out the rest here!

I’ve never been inclined to wait in long lineups for brunch.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good brunch but standing in long lineups just because a restaurant wants to create hype but not doing reservations just doesn’t entice me at all.  Jam Cafe is one of these restaurants to me.

However, since we were on our Anniversary trip back in October last year, we decided to try our luck at Jam Cafe’s Victoria location.  Plus it was within walking distance.

Photo of the front of Jam Cafe in Victoria

As luck would have it, there was no line up at all!!  Mind you it was a Thursday during COVID but hey, no complaints here!

Photo of the inside of Jam Cafe Victoria

Photo of the drinks we had at Jam Cafe Victoria

They apparently have a “little” menu right now, little being they don’t have all the drinks they usually offer.  I wanted a Matcha drink but they didn’t make it right now, so I ordered their Iced Jam Coffee ($5) instead.

It was very similar to a Vietnamese Iced coffee with it being made with condensed milk.  It was pretty good.

AngryRussian had their Jam Caesar ($9) and it was as good as other caesars we’ve had.

Photo of the Jam Cafe's Pork Belly Benny

Despite being a “little” menu, there was still a lot of food choices to pick from.  AngryRussian had a bit of trouble but ultimately decided on the Pork Belly Benny ($19).

It had fried thick-cut pork belly on your usual English muffin, poached eggs, hollandaise, bbq sauce, red onion jam, and shredded hash browns.

It looked and smelled fantastic.  But since I am not a fan of bbq sauce, I only had a small bite.  The pork belly was fatty and juicy and it was a great bite.

Photo of the Charlie Bowl at Jam Cafe Victoria

As for me, I ordered The Charlie Bowl ($18) which on paper sounded  fantastic.  But in my mouth, it was amazing!

What could go wrong with crumbled buttermik biscuit, sausage gravy, hash browns, fried eggs, and other aromatics?  NOTHING!  This was so tasty but also SO filling.  No regrets here though!  We packed the leftovers and had enough for another breakfast at our AirBNB on another morning.

It was a great visit to Jam Cafe and I’m glad we got to try it out without the line ups.  Now is it worth lining up outside in the cold for?  That’s still a no for me.  I hate lineups!!

This is Part 3 of our Victoria Food Adventures!  Check out the rest here!

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