Thierry Chocolates - Pistachio Opera Cake
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Thierry Chocolates Vancouver

Thierry Chocolates Vancouver

This year, instead of getting one big birthday cake, I asked to go to Thierry Chocolates instead to get a couple treats.  Thierry had always been on my list and since we’re gonna be in the area anyways after dinner at Verre, why not?!

Thierry is quite roomy with seats instead and a sort of heated patio outside.  It was packed, but it didn’t take us long to get a table to ourselves.

There were so many goodies to choose from but after much mind-changing, I finally decided on two items.

Thierry Chocolates Vancouver - Pistachio Opera Cake

I really love pistachio desserts so it was difficult to choose between their Pistachio Chocolate Cherry Macaron Cake and this one, the Pistachio Opera Cake ($8.75).

I finally picked this one because I don’t think AngryRussian is big on macaron, although of course it’s ultimately my choice!  This lovely creation has pistachio jaconde, pistachio buttercream,  pistachio ganache, mixed candied nuts on top.

It was such a lovely presentation and the nuts were a very nice contrast to the softness of the cake overall.  I’m happy to report that this was not super sweet and had that pleasing pistachio aroma that I love so much.  (Confession:  I love JELL-O brand pistachio pudding….!)

Thierry Chocolates Vancouver - Yuzu Creme Brulee

The second item I painstakingly made a decision on was the Yuzu Creme Brulee ($7.85; yuzu custard + caramelized sugar + almond sable).  I just love the scent and flavor of yuzu also.  And I love creme brulee!

This was creamy and fragrant, with just the right amount of tartness.  The dish was shallow but the creme brulee was so rich you don’t need much, plus we were so full from dinner earlier.

I loved my choices from Thierry this time around and hopefully we’ll be back soon to try the other items I had my eye on!

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