EBO Restaurant - Classic Eggs Benedict
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EBO Restaurant

Update: This restaurant has closed.

When PrettySis was in town with my almost 2 year old nephew on Easter Weekend, we made plans to meet up with our cousin Snoopy for brunch.  I suggested we try EBO Restaurant since parking would be easy to do on a Saturday during brunch hours and the restaurant would be roomy for the stroller PrettySis will have to bring.

We made reservations but it wasn’t needed. The restaurant didn’t even reach capacity the whole time we were there but could be due to it being a holiday weekend.

EBO Restaurant - Classic Eggs Benedict

Snoopy and I both ordered the Classic Eggs Benedict ($15) with cured back bacon on classic english muffin, served with crispy breakfast potatoes that were indeed crisp and tasty with a good seasoning.

The eggs were perfect with a perfect soft runny yolk.  The hollandaise, however, left something to be desired, as you can see the dent/hole at the beginning of the video above.  It just gave a plasticky feeling.  It didn’t taste that way though (as in plasticky), but was a bit more vinegary than I expected.  The hollandaise texture aside, overall it was still delicious and I devoured it.  Even the potatoes (I’m not a huge fan of potatoes) were yummy.

EBO Restaurant - Belgian Waffles

PrettySis had the e.b.o. Belgian Waffle ($15) with blueberry compote and fresh grated lemon zest.

I was quite disappointed with the size of this dish given the price.  I also felt they could give more of the blueberry compote.  Taste-wise this was average at best.

To be honest I had high hopes for EBO as I’ve heard good things but I was disappointed.  The atmosphere wasn’t great and the food wasn’t satisfying.  I’m not really sure if I will give them another chance 😕.

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