Tuttimelon Revisited

Update Feb 4, 2011: This restaurant is now closed.

After reading some of the comments left on our initial post on Tuttimelon, we decided to go back unannounced to see how service is for “regular” folks :wink:.

So I think the main concern was that the Original yogurt was icy and not smooth enough.  Also that they didn’t put enough toppings on the yogurt.  More importantly…that their mochi wasn’t up to par!!!

Well, that first time there, even though I didn’t get mochi as a topping, I did ask to try it, so I remembered it being the same texture as any other place I’ve tried it.  Just the right chewiness.  I think that all these places actually get them from the same supplier.

Tuttimelon exterior

So, like I said, we came unannounced.  We came after having dinner w/ Fannypack across the street at Cattle Cafe.  When we entered Boyfriend called to Gary, who obviously seemed surprised to see us so soon after the initial visit!

Original Tuttimelon with mochi and lychee

I shared a small Original ($0.99!!) with 2 toppings- mochi and lychee.  Fannypack and I both agreed that they put a lot of toppings on it.  There were more mochi underneath those lychee.  The mochi were the same as I remembered and the yogurt was not icy at all.

Gary and Benson came over to talk to us afterwards and they’ve read the blog entry, and has told us they’ve taken the comments into account.  Benson said they’ve turned down the music!!

I addressed the soft icy yogurt issue, and Gary said that usually it’s the first part that comes out of the machine that’s melty and soft.  They try not to serve that part.

Original Tuttimelon with mochi and lychee

Service seemed the same as before, the girls were friendly (and smiling!!), quality and quantity didn’t change, we really are liking this place.

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P.S. There’s a contest listed on the first Tuttimelon post.  However, if you comment here you will be entered into the contest also.  See previous post for details.

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  1. One of my commenters, Jonnek, brought me tuttimelon yesterday! I was giving him plums since he won, and he said he would bring me something.

    It was good, plenty of toppings, I was surprised to find that there was still more at the bottom as I kept eating.

    Oh it was a large with strawberry, mango and pistachios. I was very pleased with it. 🙂

  2. Yes, I agree. Tuttimelon’s yogurt is pretty good and I appreciate the owner’s sincerity in listening to their customers. Well done.

    I think I’ll have to give those little mochi’s another try.

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