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Yogurt Escape @ Coronado Island, San Diego

We took a bus from the ferry station to the hotel earlier (they’re at different ends of the island) and while on the bus, M saw a frozen yogurt shop that her manager has mentioned to her. M made a note for us to visit it on our way back.

So after visiting the Hotel Del Coronado, we walked around Downtown Coronado for a bit, while searching for the froyo shop. It took a while but we found it!

yogurt escape exterior

Yogurt Escape seems to be a San Diego thing, since all their locations are within San-D at the moment.

yogurt escape interior

It was a small shop, nothing like what I’ve experienced here in the Lower Mainland. But it has an interesting concept.

yogurt escape self serve machines

The concept is that it’s self-serve style. You choose your flavor (or flavors) and topping (or toppings!) and pay for how much the whole thing weighs. It only cost $0.39 per oz.

The flavors they had currently were Sugar-free Raspberry, NY Cheesecake, peanut butter (tasted like reese pb cups), Low-fat Strawberry, Vanilla, Cookie ‘n Cream, non-dairy Pomegranate Raspberry, and Honey-dew Tart.

yogurt escape toppings

I was glad because the usual suspects were there, with some new stuff too. Fannypack and I really only cared for mochi, which they had!

yogurt escape toppings

They also have fresh fruits. Not a lot but they do have some. BUT…we did see some flies around them. We didn’t really care though because by then we’ve walked a few blocks and were quite hot already.

yogurt escape

In the end Fannypack and I shared a cup. As usual she didn’t really pick anything except for strawberry and kiwi. I picked mainly Honey-dew Tart and a strip of Pomegranate Raspberry. The honey-dew was really good. The PomRasp was sort of strong, didn’t enjoy that too much. This large cup cost us under $5USD!

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  1. Wendy,

    If you come across frozen custard in your travels, you must try it. It tastes so much better than regular ice cream.

    I discovered it at Bites of Seattle this year and have been dying for it ever since. It’s only available in the states.

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