Spiro’s Gyros @ Coronado Island, San Diego

Just returned from my trip to San Diego with a bunch of girlfriends, which explains the delay in posting (Boyfriend’s laziness while I was away accounted for that too).  But now I’m back and am armed with a bunch of pictures to show the world!!!

Our trip to San Diego was quite jam-packed and hectic.  Weather was REALLY nice so I got a nice tan (and minor burns!!).  Their beaches were AWESOME.  Fine, soft, white sand and beautiful people.  But maybe more on that later.

Vista Walk San Diego

Our first day we took a ferry over to Coronado Island.  It was a very touristy place but very picturesque.  The main attraction here is the Hotel Del Coronado.

Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado

It is now a historical landmark as it’s been here since 1888.  It was indeed very grand.  I just realized I didn’t really take good pictures of the outside but my friends did so once I get their pictures maybe I’ll repost them again.

The big thing about this hotel was that Marilyn Monroe filmed parts of the movie “Some Like It Hot” here.  They even have a gift shop inside dedicated to all things Marilyn Monroe.

Hotel Del Coronado warning

However, since the hotel is so old, I’m guessing they didn’t know about the hazards of the materials they used…I’m guessing asbestos.

On the other side of the island is a beautiful beach.  You really need to see it.

Spiro's Gyros San Diego

We had a simple lunch on the island.  Spiro’s Gyros specializes in Greek/Mediterranean food.

Spiro's Gyros San Diego menu

Now service-wise, they were absolutely not the best.  The order-taker/cashier had quite an attitude on him.  When we asked him how to properly pronounce Gyro, instead of telling us, he pointed it out on a sheet of paper, the whole time keeping his shades on.  He really could’ve just said it to us.

Spiro's Gyros San Diego: Chicken Gyro

That aside, the food was pretty good.  My companions didn’t seem to like it too much though.  They complained that the meat didn’t really taste like what it’s supposed to be ie. Chicken, Lamb, Beef.  But from my experience with gyros, the meat has always been more like a meatball-type than actual meat, so I didn’t mind it at all.

Above is the Chicken Gyro ($5.55USD) by the way.  It seemed to have a lot of filling.

Spiro's Gyros San Diego: Gyro Platter

Fannypack and I shared a Gyro Platter ($7.95).  It was HUGE.  The dressing on the salad tasted authentic and the pita bread pieces were really soft and chewy.  It was wonderful.  Even the rice tasted great.

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  1. It is pronounced similar to “geero”, as in the letter “g” and -ro (rhyming with hero). OK, that wasn’t really descriptive. Try the following: look in Youtube for episode SE8P20 of Good Eats. 😉

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