Pho 99 Vietnamese Noodle House – Richmond

Again this was another post I’ve put off posting for a while for no particular reason.

My mom received a VIP card for this place, resulting in 10% discount on our meals.  So Boyfriend and I decided to try this place out.

Apparently Pho 99 already has 2 other locations in BC, both of them in Coquitlam.  We hoped this wasn’t one of those chain stores that are expensive and no good.

Pho 99

The location of this restaurant used to be a Malaysian/Singaporean restaurant called Coco Chili.  Boyfriend and I liked that place, and were a bit disappointed it closed down.  However there did seem to be a fly problem there before, which we didn’t like.

The decor is identical.  They might’ve added a few decoration here and there but the plastic tree is still there and everything else.

The flies they didn’t keep though, so that was a good change~

Pho 99 menu

Their menu is pretty user-friendly.  Quite a bit of pictures.  It was divided into “Beginner” and “Adventurer” sections but we really didn’t see the point in that.  Maybe ‘cuz we both consider ourselves “Advanced” pho eaters!!

Pho 99: House Special pho

Their soup is pretty good.  It was clear so I thought it would be bland but that wasn’t the case at all.  It was also considerably less greasy/oily than some other places, as I couldn’t see a layer of oil or even oil droplets lying on the top of the soup.

Again I chose the House Special one with everything in it.  There’s only one picture of food since this was one of the rare times Boyfriend actually ordered pho, and the same one as me.

This is a nice pho restaurant.  Pricing was not bad at all, one of the cheaper options I’ve seen.  As long as I have the VIP card we will definitely be back.

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Pho 99 Vietnamese Noodle House - Richmond
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  1. I don’t mind Pho 99. It’s cheap, it tastes good and yes, the broth is not fatty. It’s not the cleanest place around, but being Chinese, it doesn’t bother me… LOL…

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