Hee Rae Dung Korean Chinese Restaurant 喜來燈

Hee Rae Dung

When MarathonMan from Calgary came to visit, GRock, L, him and I all went for dinner at Hee Rae Dung, which is a Korean-style Chinese restaurant.  This means, no Korean BBQ, no fear of smelling like it after!

This is a restaurant that MarathonMan’s family, who’s Korean, frequent (he does not speak a word of Korean by the way…just thought I’ll add that in for no reason at all).  And apparently they really like it.  I found out that they have the Korean fried chicken here too!  Which I’ve been meaning to try since my Korea trip with Fannypack last year.  Plus they seem to have a formidable ja jang myun also, so I was uber excited to try this restaurant out.

Hee Rae Dung - interior

Hee Rae Dung is a very family-style restaurant as you can see.  In fact, L commented how it’s like  HK-Style cafe and she felt like she should order a Hk-style milk tea.

It’s definitely popular and busy.  We went at 7:30pm and it was still pretty packed, although we didn’t have to wait too long for a table for 5.

Hee Rae Dung - banchan

The only “banchan” served here is raw onions and pickled daikon.  In the middle is a small portion of black bean sauce used for dipping the onion in.  It helps to cut the bite raw onions have.

We decided to order Conbo B ($28) which includes three popular items, in big portions too I should say.  The items are Kan Poong KiJa Jang Myun, and Jjam Bong.

Hee Rae Dung - Kan Poong Ki

The Kan Poong Ki was my most anticipated item so I was glad it came first.  It’s bite-sized boneless pieces of deep-fried chicken tossed in a sweet, sourish, and spicy sauce.  Then for a dipping sauce MarathonMan mixed up some white vinegar with soy sauce.

I found some of the pieces fried a bit too hard.  However none of the pieces were too dry and had a nice crunch.  The sauce was more sourish than sweet, but definitely had a kick to it.  This was a good introduction to Korean fried chicken for me.

Hee Rae Dung - Ja Jang Myun

Next up was the Ja Jang Myun.  I really loved the chewy noodles.  The sauce was thick and lots of onions in it.  I think it was vegetarian.  There might’ve been some minced meat in there but honestly I didn’t get to try too much of it…there wasn’t enough to go around for 5 people =P

Hee Rae Dung - Jjam Bong

The Jjam Bong was really spicy.  It was so spicy that I couldn’t really taste it.  Here they use the same noodles as what’s in the ja jang myun.  So chewy also.

Lots of seafood and veggies in here.  From what I gather from the other guys, this was yummy too.  MarathonMan finished what we couldn’t.

Hee Rae Dung - Ma Pa Tofu Rice

GRock really wanted tofu so we got an order of Ma Pa Tofu Rice i(~$10).  My companions are also they type that needs rice with every meal.  So I guess this was perfect.

I didn’t try too much of this because I was never really a fan of any variation of ma po tofu.  The little bit I tried though was spicy.  It also seemed like there was lots of ingredients in the sauce too.

Hee Rae Dung - Mul Man Du

Lastly we also got an order of steam dumplings Mul Man Du (~$9 for 16).  They were very chive-y and looked like wontons.  The pork didn’t have much flavor though.

In total it only cost each of us $10.15 per person so it was a hell of a deal.  Food was yummy and portion sizes were decent.  I would for sure come back for the ja jang myun and perhaps try the Tang Su Yuk (deep-fried pork strips) next time.

Oh ya, and so much for not smelling like Korean BBQ…my hair still ended up smelling like Chinese food…just a FYI~

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