New Seoul Restaurant

As much as I like the Korean restaurants here in the Lower Mainland, I’ve always found that in Washington where my aunt lives, there is better Korean (and Vietnamese) food.  (Chinese food is a different story…)

New Seoul Restaurant

New Seoul Restaurant is a Korean restaurant my aunt’s family frequent.  They had taken us there numerous times also, and I’ve enjoyed it everytime.

New Seoul Restaurant interior

It is quite your typical Asian family restaurant, with simple decor and good, cheap food.  Boyfriend was quite impressed that they got an LCD tv in there.  But they only play Korean programming.

New Seoul Restaurant interior

New Seoul Restaurant banchan

As with most Korean restaurants, we were served a number of side dishes before our meal.  This is one reason why I like Korean restaurants in the States.  They serve some different items from here in Vancouver.  One such item is the whitish looking jelly thing in the middle.  It’s Konnyaku jelly.  By itself it is tasteless, but with the special chili spicy sauce they mixed with it it was so good.  I’ve never had this anywhere else.

They also serve dried anchovies and fish cake.  Also, refills are free and unlimited.

New Seoul Restaurant: Beef Short Rib Soup (Galbi-tang) with rice

This is something I order every time I’m here.  It is Galbi-tang which is translated to Beef Short Rib Soup.  It is an intensely flavorful soup that has sweet potato noodles, tender beef short ribs, egg, green onions, and seaweed.

Most dishes here are served with a separate stone bowl of rice.

New Seoul Restaurant: Kimchi Pot with rice

Boyfriend ordered the Kimchi Pot.  It wasn’t as spicy as he thought it would be, but it was sour like kimchi.  It basically had the same ingredients as the Galbi-tang.

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  1. Hmm, I’ve never had konnyaku jelly either as a banchan, but I have tried most of the other types of banchans at various local korean places. There’s a place in Coquitlam on N. Road and Austin that looks just like this place. I’m waiting for their jjajengmen machine to be fixed before I go back. I heard that it’ll be working by April so I have to go to a place (Doo Gae Bee?) above the korean market in Koreatown for my black bean noodle fix. They have an awesome special right now ($4.95 for regular or $5.95 for additonal potatoes and onions). Their gyoza is only $2.95 for six pieces.

    Some of the other korean restaurants around Koreatown are also worth checking out. Very homey and comfortable.

    However, my favourite banchans are still found at Chosun on Kingsway and Tyne. It’s always fresh and there’s always an interesting korean salad which I love. Their kalbi is also delish, but I could always eat more. Their lunch specials are awesome too, at $9.95 for kalbi and soup (rice and banchans of course.)

  2. Oh sorry. Koreatown usually refers to the section on North Road just south of Lougheed Highway where the two big korean supermarkets, businesses and restaurants are found..

    There’s a famous restaurant called Insadong located just north of Lougheed on the northeast corner.

    Also, lots of interesting little korean restaurants north of Lougheed too. I plan to eventually try them all.

    Hope that helps.

  3. there used to be a new Seoul in vancouver at Commercial and broadway. Best ever! it had the hibachis in middle of table!

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