Dai Jang Kum 大長今

Dai Jang Kum

This has been Boyfriend’s and my favorite Korean restaurant for the longest time.  Even though they advertise BBQ on their exterior, I frequent them for their normal non-BBQ foods.

Dai Jang Kum

They use to be Wang Gal Bee and I loved them then.  About a year ago they changed name (and hands?) and I was terrified that they have been bought out by Chinese people like Jang Mo Jib Richmond, which was terrible.  (Since the bought-out Jang Mo Jib started to charge for side-order refills).  Fortunately, it seems like the owner and the employees are still very much Korean.

Dai Jang Kum menu

Aside from prices increasing a little, I think the change was for the better.  The decor is much brighter and neater, they’ve expanded their menu, added a neat table beeper, and made their menu much more user- and eye-friendly.  There are colorful pictures and many of their most popular dishes.

Dai Jang Kum: BBQ combo A

We were there with Boyfriend’s parents and his mom wanted BBQ.  So we ordered the BBQ combo A which consisted of chicken, pork, beef and beef ribs.  It was a 2 person size and cost $28.95.  The meats were very tender and the dipping sauce they provide goes very well.

Dai Jang Kum: Korean Seafood Pancake

Their Korean Seafood Pancake costs $15.95.  This time they made it a bit too thick for my liking.  Like most places, ingredients are mostly green onions, squid, imitation crab strips and shrimp.

Dai Jang Kum: Bibimbap

This is the Bibimbap.  They have a variation that has lots of chopped vegetables and fish roe.  That would’ve been my choice.  However Boyfriend wanted to try something new.  He said he liked the other version better.

Dai Jang Kum: Korean JaJangmen

This ghastly looking glop is my choice most of the time.  It is Korean JaJangmen 面. Their version is made with black bean sauce and ground meat.  It has a slight sweetness to it and the noodles are really really chewy, which I love so so much.

Dai Jang Kum: Korean JaJangmen

This is what it looks like after mixing.  Not so intimidating after all huh?

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