Dinner at Golden Sea City Restaurant: Snake Soup Starter!

Update:  This restaurant is now closed. Wendy’s parents recommended this restaurant for a recent family dinner since it’s one of her and Wendy’s favourite dim sum spots (see Wendy’s review here –sad to say that apparently they no longer have the food carts though).  I wasn’t planning on a review since it had already been […]

Guu with Garlic

Oh Guu~~ I always have such a good time at your place!  What’s your secret? For this particular visit, I’m sure the culprit must be the pitcher of Aloe Vera Mojito ($16.5) shared among two girls.  Yep.  That must be it. This was refreshing.  I liked chewing on the mint leaves but there really aren’t […]

陽光屋 Sunshine Cafe

L and I really felt like have bubble tea after work one weekend.  She really wanted to go to Crystal Mall.  However, I was scared.  It was the weekend.  At Crystal Mall.  But I sucked it up and drove there.  However after walking around the food court a few times, we still couldn’t pick anything, […]

Beef Noodle @ Well Tea

Wendy and I have been crazing Taiwanese food for some time.  We really wanted to go back to Well Tea for their Beef Noodle and hot pots!  Recently, Wendy tried the Hot Pot seafood with Soy Milk from Pearl Castle but she reported that it was rather bland.  We thought that perhaps Well Tea can […]

Pearl Castle 圓香 @ Richmond Centre

Pearl Castle at Richmond Centre has finally opened and Boyfriend and I took the chance to visit it on a weekday for lunch.  Boy it was packed.  But we still managed to get a seat right away.  Oh it’s located in the same corridor where McDonald’s is, at the space that was previously Richmond Farm […]

Hot Pot and Chinese Cuisine recommendations for Catherine

I’ve recently received a question from a Bellingham resident regarding Chinese cuisine.  Just so it’s easier for her to see my reply, I will post it here. Here’s her question: “I am from Bellingham and would like to learn about real Chinese cuisine. The options that I have here are nothing like what you present. […]

Ka Won Korean Restaurant

Another night in the States, another Korean dinner. This time Aunt Aggy took Mom and I to a new place.  Ka Won is another favorite of hers.  All of the Korean restaurants she’s taken us to have been Mom and Pops type of places. I like the ambiance of this place more than New Seoul.  […]

S&W Pepper House 西南風 Richmond

Update Jan 23, 2013: This restaurant is now closed. Mom and I had dinner with Pretty Sister.  She was really into Szechuan foods lately and Mom found a new place to have it.  That would be S & W Pepper House located on No.3 Road. There were similarities in the dishes offered by S & […]

Pearl Castle 圓香

Turns out my coworkers GRock and L1 are fans of Pearl Castle 圓香 also, even though they live in Vancouver.  So we went for BBT dinner one Friday night.  I HAD to introduce GRock to Pearl Castle’s Milk Hotpot. This was it- the Milk Seafood Hotpot.  GRock and L weren’t expecting much from it.  In […]