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Guu with Garlic

Oh Guu~~ I always have such a good time at your place!  What’s your secret?

Guu with Garlic: Aloe Vera Mojito

For this particular visit, I’m sure the culprit must be the pitcher of Aloe Vera Mojito ($16.5) shared among two girls.  Yep.  That must be it.

This was refreshing.  I liked chewing on the mint leaves but there really aren’t that much aloe vera bits.  Also, despite downing the whole pitcher, we didn’t really get that drunk, which means there really wasn’t that much booze in it.  We did still manage to get a decent light buzz though.

Guu with Garlic: Prawns & Avocado Wasabi mayo Tartar

I’m addicted to avocados lately so anything with that in it catches my attention.  I picked this Prawns & Avocado Wasabi mayo Tartar ($6.80) because of that.

It was a light, refreshing dish.  The prawns were actually cooked which surprised me as I was expecting sashimi-style like how a tuna/beef/salmon tartar would’ve been.  The fact that it’s cooked prawns and contributes to the fact that it yields little prawn taste to this.  It was more avocado than anything.

The wasabi aspect was detectable but not overwhelmingly-so, which was fine my me.  This tasted awesome when eaten atop the supplied prawn chips…but now that I think about it…it’s probably because the prawn chips had more flavor than the main attraction.

Guu with Garlic: Amaebi sashimi

We knew from the get-go we wanted deep-fried prawn heads, so we ordered the Amaebi sashimi ($6.80).

Guu with Garlic: Amaebi sashimi

They certainly look gnarly don’t they??  But they were so good and succulent and sweet.  If this weren’t going back to the communal deep-fryer I would’ve sucked the roe out.

Guu with Garlic: Deep-fried Prawn Heads

Then the heads were deep-fried and seasoned.  SO. GOOD.

Guu with Garlic: Nankotsu-Karaage

L and I had the Nankotsu-Karaage ($4.00) the last time we were here with other friends too.  In English this is deep-fried chicken cartilage.  If you like chicken knee then you will love this.

They were large vertical pieces of cartilage with lots of crunch.  It’s served with a side of salt and pepper but I found it ok by itself.  The dip would’ve made it too salty.

Guu with Garlic: Super slowly stewed Oxtail, Chives, Tofu Hot Pot

I also picked the Super slowly stewed Oxtail, Chives, Tofu Hot Pot ($7.40).  Seriously, that’s the name of this dish.

This was a kind of disappointment as there were only 2.5 pieces of oxtail in it.  The broth was a bit salty but very tasty.  The chives were excellent and there were lots and lots of deep-fried garlic slices.  Be sure to have a mint afterwards.  The mint leaves in our mojito took care of that =P

Guu with Garlic: Chopped Sockeye salmon & Natto mush up

Lastly, L suddenly caught the word “Natto” when someone at the seat next to us were holding up the menu, and her eyes went wide and said “HOW COULD WE NOT SEE THAT??”.  We both LOVE natto so there was no doubt we were getting the Chopped Sockeye salmon & Natto mush up ($8.80, and yes, it says “mush up”).

Sorry about the mess above but the server mixed it all up before I had a chance to snap the picture.  I strongly believe this would be the same dish as Guu w/ Otokomae (Gastown)’s Salmon with 7 friends.  There were cucumbers, pine nuts, green onions, and seriously I’m not sure what else LOL.

It was gooey and slimey, just the way we like it.  Wished there were more natto though.  It could’ve used a bit less soya sauce as it got a tinge too salty but it’s natto.

Guu’s always fun so naturally we had a good time and a good dinner there.

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