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Las Margaritas

I think the main reason why L, J and I went to Las Margaritas this day really was to have their margaritas.  L had been raving about them all the time so finally we decided on a day to go.

I do like Mexican food.  After that time at Bandidas, I liked it even more.  Add booze to the mix?  I’m sold!!!

Las Margaritas Restaurant

It was my first time at Las Margaritas.  It had a very warm ambiance and at the time we arrived it wasn’t particularly busy.  The sun was out too!

Las Margaritas: Large Strawberry Margarita

The main event…we ordered the Large Strawberry Margarita ($9) to share between the 3 of us.  Honestly this really wasn’t enough but we were trying to be responsible that day.

It was very refreshing and there were a good amount of real strawberries in it.  The ice was sufficiently blended and there was just a slight kick of alcohol in it.

Las Margaritas: homemade salsa and chips

They start you off with their homemade salsa and chips.  Apparently Las Margaritas had won awards for this.  It was good.  The chips were crispy, the salsa fresh, but I’m not sure if it’s award-worthy.  Mind you I’m not an expert on tortilla chips and salsa.  I believe refills cost money.

Las Margaritas: Fiesta Platter

We decided to share a couple dishes, since they’re pretty big.  First we had their Fiesta Platter ($18.65) which had 4 of their more popular appetizers.  They were:

  • guacamole
  • jalapeño poppers
  • chicken wings
  • cheese quesadillas
  • chicken taquitos
  • mini chimis

All were served with Las Margaritas’ sweet jalapeño salsa, chipotle dip and
sour cream.

My fav of the 4 was probably the chicken taquitos (or maybe the guacamole).  It was like a spring roll with seasoned chicken inside.  The chicken wings really weren’t anything special, not especially spicy either.  I was afraid the jalapeño poppers would be too spicy but they’ve only got a little kick to them.  But still I could only handle one.

My least favorite was the quesadillas.  They were pretty uneventful.  But the guacamole and sour cream made them a lot better.

Las Margaritas: Chicken Tamal and Beef Enchilada Verde

Next we picked the Numero Ocho ($15.65) which were the Chicken Tamal and Beef or Chicken Enchilada Verde.  We picked the beef enchilada.

Honestly, by the time this came, we were pretty stuffed from the margarita and the appetizer sampler, but we did still manage to grab a few bites.

The sauce on the chicken tamal was a bit sour for my tastes, but the tomatillo sauce on the enchilada was very fresh and tasty (I’m sure the cheese helped too).  I didn’t really care for the beef though as it was a bit dry.

The sides of refried beans and rice were typical.  I never really liked rice dishes that aren’t Chinese/Asian anyways.  The refried beans were good as always.  Even though it looks dry it wasn’t.  We sopped it up with the free tortilla chips.

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