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牛仔餐廳 Cattle Cafe

Update: This location as closed.

As promised!  Cattle Cafe post!!

I’ve went to the Richmond location quite a few times already.  It was around the time the no-MSG fish-soup-noodle-combo thing started to get popular.  They really do make quite good food.  And they’re always packed.

When a good good friend of mine came to visit from Taiwan, we wanted a no-frills lunch so I took her there.  It was probably the only time in quite a few years that I ventured into the Alexandra Road area on a Sunday at 1pm.  I really hope I never have to do that again actually….

Cattle Cafe: Parsley & Century Egg soup

My choice is always the Cilantro (they call it Parsley there) & Century Egg soup with the thicker vermicelli (米線), fish puffs, and basa fillet.

As usual there’s tons of napa cabbage and tofu puffs in this.  I like the soup here much more than that of Deer Garden ‘cuz the version here is less salty.  Much much less.  It tasted more authentic.  They also put more of your own chosen toppings too.

Cattle Cafe: Cajun-style Boneless Chicken on Rice

I guess M wasn’t much of a soup noodle person.  Her choice was the Cajun-style Boneless Chicken on Rice.  It was actually very very good.

I like how they give you tons of sauce.  Now the sauce tastes just a lil’ bit like Thousand Island sauce but the “cajun” was still there.  It was slightly spicy.

The chicken was done very well.  It was crispy and moist.  My only complaint would be that they didn’t give a lot of veggies on the side.  But it’s an Asian restaurant.  What did I expect eh~

Cattle Cafe: XO Sauce Pan-fried Turnip Cake

M also ordered the XO Sauce Pan-fried Turnip Cake.  Man this was so good.  It was done quite perfectly in that the sides were just the right amount of crispy and they definitely didn’t skimp on the XO sauce either.  For me it was quite spicy but I could stop eating it either.  They pan-fried it along with some garlic bits and onion slivers which were an awesome touch.

Cattle Cafe: Hong Kong-Style Milk Tea

And what good HK-Style Cafe doesn’t have HK-Style Milk Tea?  Cattle Cafe’s version is definitely my favorite now.  It is so creamy with just the right amount of tea.  I bet it’s so bad for you haha.

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