Macau Cafe at Parker Place 澳門街

Once in a while, I get a hankering for some good old Hong Kong comfort food.  These foods come in the form of fried noodles, congee, baked spaghetti, etc., just a smorgasbord of items all accompanied by ice-cold Hong Kong style milk tea, coffee, or a mix of both (a wonderful invention from my culture).  […]

Ah Meow aka Choco Cat Cafe 啊貓地攤

Hitman and I first heard of the concept of cat cafes about a year ago.  He read about them in one of those free daily papers and became really excited, and we planned on visiting one in Asia someday. Then we sorta forgot about it for a while. Then, on Fannypack’s and my last day in Seoul, […]

牛仔餐廳 Cattle Cafe

Update: This location as closed. As promised!  Cattle Cafe post!! I’ve went to the Richmond location quite a few times already.  It was around the time the no-MSG fish-soup-noodle-combo thing started to get popular.  They really do make quite good food.  And they’re always packed. When a good good friend of mine came to visit […]

鹿園 Deer Garden

I’m back to being addicted to HK-Style Milk Tea.  Lately, I’ve noticed that there really isn’t a restaurant in Richmond that really makes it good anymore.  The only ones that come to mind who makes decent ones are Alleluia, Cattle Cafe, and Joy’s Kitchen in Parker Place. Actually, I really really like Cattle Cafe.  They’re […]

Sensus Bistro: Pork Cartilage Ramen

Update Jan 28, 2011: This restaurant is now closed. As I said before the next dish I wanted to try at Sensus Bistro was the Pork Cartilage Ramen.  I finally got the chance to try it. This was $7.95 and it’s quite a large portion size.  The soup looks flavorful and it was, it didn’t […]

Sensus Bistro Revisited

Update Jun 21, 2012: This restaurant is now closed. It has been a while since we last visited Sensus.  Business has picked up since we’ve last been here.  We had to wait about 10mins for seat.  However, the head waitress here was very nice.  She kept coming to reassure us that we’ll have a table […]

Celsius Cafe 匯

Update Feb 11, 2011 – This restaurant is now closed. Driving down No. 3 one day, Boyfriend and I noticed a new restaurant where Montreal’s Roast Chicken used to be (never had a chance to try that one by the way…).  It seems like a HK-Style Cafe and we all know how much I love […]

7th Heaven Cafe 七重天

Update: This restaurant is now closed. As we’ve said before, the staff of Boston Steakhouse has migrated to Seventh Heaven in Aberdeen. Not sure what the reason for the move was though. Anyways, continuing with my HK-style Milk Tea craving as of late, Boyfriend took me to Seventh Heaven. It has quite a unique decor.  […]

Bauhinia Restaurant 洋紫荊餐廳

Update: This restaurant is now closed. It seems like I’m on a HK-Style Milk Tea binge lately.  I crave for it every meal ever since Alleluia. Our restaurant choice this time was Bauhinia Restaurant.  It used to be on Saba Road but now it’s located in a little strip mall along Granville Ave. and St. […]

Alleluia Cafe 歡欣餐廳

Welcome to yet another review of Richmond’s rich resource in HK style cafes.  Today, we present to you Alleluia.  It is located on Westminster Hwy., a bit east of No. 3 Rd.   The parking situation was alright when we were there (about 7:30 PM) but I know without uncertainty that during lunch times it is […]