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7th Heaven Cafe 七重天

Update: This restaurant is now closed.

As we’ve said before, the staff of Boston Steakhouse has migrated to Seventh Heaven in Aberdeen. Not sure what the reason for the move was though.

Seventh Heaven Cafe exterior

Anyways, continuing with my HK-style Milk Tea craving as of late, Boyfriend took me to Seventh Heaven.

Seventh Heaven Cafe interior

It has quite a unique decor.  It’s supposedly to be I guess 60’s style?  There’s jukeboxes and old Coca-Cola signs, but it’s quite weird in that there’s a mix of old Chinese and English style posters.  For instance, there’s posters of 50’s/60’s Chinese style girls, but also Casablanca, Marilyn Monroe posters.  A weird combination if you ask me.  The theme is almost there but not quite.

Seventh Heaven Cafe: Hot almond tea and cold milk tea

So we both ordered from the Afternoon Tea menu naturally.  Again they charge $1 for cold drinks.

Boyfriend had his favorite hot Almond Tea again, while obviously I had the cold milk tea.

But perhaps I should’ve ordered the hot one…it was so cold in the restaurant!!

Milk tea was decent but, once again, it’s no Alleluia.

Seventh Heaven Cafe: Baked Spaghetti Bolognaise

Boyfriend’s food choice was the Baked Spaghetti Bolognaise.  I dare say it had more sauce than spaghetti.  It was good and meaty.  It also came really quick, even faster than my non-baked item.  Usually at these places, baked items take about 10 minutes longer.  We contemplated the thought that it’s premade but it was piping hot so that thought was quickly tossed aside.

Seventh Heaven Cafe: Chinese thick noodle (yee-meen) in Portuguese sauce and Pork Chop

Mine was the Chinese thick noodle (yee-meen) in Portuguese sauce and Pork Chop.  The pork chop was good and tender, but the sauce was quite bland.  However upon eating it was ok, but still, more flavor would’ve been better.

On a side note, I called this Chinese pasta haha.

So lunch was just ok, my food choice wasn’t the best but it wasn’t so bad that I’ll write this restaurant off my list.  I’ll just pick something else next time.

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  1. Wendy,

    Since you’re on a HK style restaurant adventure, just wondered if you’ve tried my current fave, the Cafe Gloucester on Cambie near 16th.

    My dad loves all their baked dishes, which usually take about 20 minutes, and they have very reasonable afternoon sets with drinks included. Their fried rice cakes are also worth mentioning as it is very chewy and fresh with a nice fried soya flavour.

    Normally, we find metered street parking and a seat fairly quickly and the service is ok.

    The tables are mostly spaced very comfortably and you are only occasionally seated elbow to elbow with others. Avoid weekends, as the restaurant gets very crowded.

    I can’t really comment on the iced milk tea, as they all start to taste the same to me.

  2. me and husband where there once and was super turned off by the poor service 😛 the food was kinda mediocre too so we never gone back again 😛

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