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Boston Steakhouse 波士頓扒房

Update Sep 13, 2010: This restaurant is now closed.

In the sea of Asian restaurants in Richmond, it may be difficult to find one to return to on a regular basis.  My mom and her friends love to try every HK style cafe in the city as they pop up one by one.  The best thing is that she now gets the ‘VIP’ treatment to most of these places.  One place we went to one more than a few occasions was Boston Steakhouse.  So today, I decided to bring Wendy back after a bit of a hiatus from it. The first thing we noticed when we opened the door was a great rush of steak aroma in the air.  I was starving already, so this made the urge to devour even more so.

Boston Steakhouse menu

Boston Steakhouse menu

The menus have changed since we left.  However, the integrals of a HK style cafe are usually very similar.   Wendy ordered the Beef Tenderloin (MB1) and I got the MK7.  This pricing was for the Afternoon Tea (before 5:30pm)/Late Night (after 9pm) hours.

Boston Steakhouse: Cream of lobster and corn soup with bun

Wendy got the Creme soup with bun as it came with her set meal.  Apparently it’s supposed to be Cream of Lobster and Corn.

Boston Steakhouse: Iced Chrysanthemum Tea with Honey and Hot Almond Powder Drink

A snap of our inclusive drinks. Iced Chrysanthemum Tea w/ Honey (left) and the Hot Almond Powder Drink.  The former was pretty good as it was not overly sweet with honey as some other places might serve.  The Almost Powder drink just soothes my throat after a long day at work dealing with customers.  As with most places now, they charge an extra $1 for cold drinks.  Ice is expensive you know??

Boston Steakhouse: Green Curry Sliced Pork Jowl Meat with rice

My dish, the Green Curry Sliced Pork Jowl Meat with rice.  The white balls you see there are actually lychee.  As to why that was put in there?  I am not too certain as I have not seen this combination before.  Fortunately for me, it was not that bad!  The meat was a bit too chewy for my liking.  There was WAY too little sauce. The sauce used to be about 3/4 inch higher on the serve-bowl.  I can’t say I dislike it but I don’t think I will order it again. (LONG LIVE CURRY CHICKEN AND BEEF BRISKET!).  It was also pretty spicy.  The waitress told me that the green one is supposedly the most spicy one.

Boston Steakhouse: Beef Tenderloin on hot stone plate

Wendy’s Beef Tenderloin was the central focus of our dinner tonight.  It was laid out 100% raw on the sizzling hot stone plate.  We watched it sizzle and cook the meat in front of our very eyes.

Boston Steakhouse: Beef Tenderloin on hot stone plate

After 10 minutes of Wendy’s expect cooking, the meat was done!  Or so she thought.  The intense smell of steak was hover around the table and me wish I ordered her steak instead.

Boston Steakhouse: Beef Tenderloin on hot stone plate

A nice close up.

It was a pretty thick steak so Wendy got impatient and cut the meat into smaller pieces and cooked them to perfection.  That quickened the process quite a bit.

I must say our trip to Boston this time was only a bit above average.  The Curry Pork Jowl was so-so at best but the beef was pretty good.  As Wendy would put it, “the meat was not the best, but definitely worth the $15.99; compared to possibly double the price at Stonegrill.”  The cooking process, though slow, is actually quite fun.

I must update that a very big portion of the management and staff migrated to 7th Heaven in Aberdeen Centre recently.  Which may explain why the quality of the food was not as good as it normally is and why it was so quiet there.  But if you haven’t been to Boston before, please do come try it out!  The give a 20% discount to afternoon teatime and late-night dinners after 9PM.  Both our meals combined came to $23 w/ tip!!  Enjoy!

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  1. Ahh … I know where I am going for lunch this weekend! I had never been to Boston Steakhouse before — not sure why though!

  2. Heh, stone grill experience for half the price! You leave smelling like it though……almost like going for pho.

    Thai curries have lychee in them, or at least some of them, from what I remember. Green is also supposed to be the hottest, yep. I do love my beef brisket though…would not let anyone take it from me. =p

  3. I went there the other day after reading this post and I really enjoyed the stone grill beef dinner. One thing to note, the 15.99 price is only for their early afternoon (before 5:30 pm) and late night (after 9 pm) meals. I think during dinner time, the regular price is around 23 to 25 dollars. The 20 % discount also applies to those times. It’s funny when we asked for our bills we were given a full price receipt. After I complained they produced the 20% discounted receipt. They probably thought I cant read Chinese and wouldnt know about the 20% discount they have written on the board in the entrance. But luckily, I read this post before I went there. Oh well…

    1. Oops that’s right Jonnek! We forgot to mention that that price for the above meal was for the late night/afternoon tea time…sorry about that! But I didn’t know that the 20% discount applied to regular dinner hours too!

      So you did enjoy the stonegrill dinner huh? Which option did you choose?

  4. Sorry. My previous comment was misleading. The 20% discount is only applicable to early afternoon/late night dinners.

    My wife and I both ordered the beef stonegrill dinner. She ordered the beef tenderloin and I ordered the beef sirloin. To be honest I didnt notice any difference in appearance and taste of the meat we ordered. It was good though. We enjoyed our dinner and will certainly go back and try their other menu items.

    Its funny we ended up with 4 drinks for the 2 of us. Apparently all menu items come with a drink. We also ordered a salad and a dessert. They both came with a drink which I find to be kinda weird. I wish I can deduct the price of the drinks.

    Anyway thanks for posting. I always pass by this place but never ventured in until I read your post.

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