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Ezogiku Noodle Cafe

Update: This restaurant has closed.

For the first post of this blog, I have chosen to feature one of the Boyfriend’s and mine’s favorite restaurant…Ezogiku #1 on Robson St.

We have been here numerous times and have never been disappointed with their food. The main food item they serve is Sapporo style ramen. They also serve japanese style fried rice and curry rice. Their pricing is more than fair and portion sizes are big. I’m always holding my stomach coming out of the restaurant.

They have 3 kinds of soups you can choose from for the ramen. My personal favorite is their Shoyu (soya sauce) soup. The other choices are Miso (my previous favorite) and Shio (salt).

Ezogiku: Wonton Ramen

This visit I chose Wonton ramen with shoyu soup base. As always, the soup was very flavorful, and the ramen was chewy, exactly the way I like them. I have tried ramen at other “japanese” restaurants before and their noodles were always soggy. Never at Ezogiku though.

Ezogiku: Gyoza

I also made my meal a combo by adding 4 pieces of Gyoza. These japanese dumplings were excellently pan-fried to achieve a crispy bottom. I find that the difference between japanese dumplings and chinese style is that japanese dumplings have thinner skin and less meat in the filling. The filling is also less dense than chinese ones. If I got to choose, I would definitely not give up on my chinese dumplings.

Ezogiku: Charsiu ramen

The Boyfriend chose Charsiu ramen with miso soup base, plus EXTRA charsiu (he really loves them). Charsiu is basically grilled marinated pork thinly sliced, but that’s just the japanese style. Chinese style charsiu are a different thing.We also ordered a side order of kimchi. The total came to around $22, and we were STUFFED. The noodles by themselves are around $6-7 each. As a combo is around $8-8.50.

There are two locations. This one we visited is Ezogiku #1 at 270 Robson. This is the quieter location and situated across from Vancouver Public Library. Ezogiku #2 is smaller and located at the west end of Robson, 1329 Robson St. We visited that location during Celebration of Lights and found that it have renovated. It is not as dark as it was before, and seats more people than before also.

Ezogiku: Ezogiku Business Card

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