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Ikkyu Ramen Ten 一休拉麵店 is a No!No!No!!

Update: This restaurant has closed.

Feeling like ramen, while waiting for dad’s surgery to be done, I searched on google to see if there’s a nearby ramen place without having to go to Downtown.  I found Ikkyu Ramen Ten and decided to go there for lunch/early dinner afterwards.

Ikkyu Ramen Ten

It turned out to be actually quite far from VGH.  But my parents said that since we’ve driven all this way already we should just go.

Looking at the decor, I had a bad feeling.  It’s obviously not authentic Japanese.  If I had known the Chinese name of the place, I would’ve known already.  My assumptions were quickly clarified when the owner spoke Cantonese to us.  However, I thought to myself, they named the place “Ramen Ten”, it must be their specialty and I might discover a gem.

Ikkyu Ramen Ten menu

I was intent on having ramen.  They have 4 different kinds.

Ikkyu Ramen Ten menu

We asked what the difference was between all of them.  Basically, the type of miso used in the soup, and the “chewiness” of the noodles.  I thought they were supposed to be all the same.

Originally dad and I ordered the Sapporo style, only to find out later that they don’t have the ingredients for it yet.  Strike one.  Then why did she push so hard for us to get that one then in the first place?

When owner lady came back to tell us Sapporo style wasn’t available, I then decided on the Ikkyu Black Sesame Ramen.  For dad, the original Unagi Ramen.

Now comes strike two.  The Unagi Ramen is $1 cheaper than the other choices.  Owner lady kept asking “So you want that instead of Sapporo Style?”  We asked her back “But you said Sapporo Style wasn’t available.”

Owner lady: How about the other styles?  They’re pretty good.

Us: No that’s ok.  Unagi Ramen.

Owner lady: Why don’t you guys wait for him to come back first to decide? (Dad was in bathroom at this time and asked us to order for him)

Mom: No it’s ok.  Unagi Ramen is fine.

Owner lady: So you want that instead of Sapporo Style?

Us: But you SAID that wasn’t available!!

Then she muttered something and went away.

Ikkyu Ramen Ten: Ikkyu Black Sesame Ramen in shoyu soup

So here’s the Ikkyu Black Sesame Ramen in shoyu soup.  It was awful.  The noodle was soggy and soft.  The soup was blah.  And it’s CANTONESE STYLE CHAR SIU!!!!

Ikkyu Ramen Ten: Ikkyu Black Sesame Ramen in shoyu soup

Honestly, I really think that the noodle used is supposed to be soba noodles.  At first taste it tasted like it.  Man was it soggy!!!  No good!

Ikkyu Ramen Ten: Yokohama Style Beef Ramen in white miso soup

Mom’s Yokohama Style Beef Ramen in white miso soup.  This soup was a bit better, but nothing compared to the you-know-whats in Downtown.  The beef was tender though.  I think it’s teriyaki beef.  See those two sad strips of seaweed?

The noodle was a bit chewier.

Ikkyu Ramen Ten: Unagi Ramen in regular miso soup

Dad’s Unagi Ramen in regular miso soup.  The noodles were a bit soggier than Mom’s, but better than mine.

Soup was blah again.  Nothing else to say about it.

Ikkyu Ramen Ten: BBQ Squid

We also ordered BBQ Squid for $4.95.  It was pretty fresh and sweet, but it was NOT BBQ’d.  More like boiled.  Maybe they just meant BBQ sauce and by BBQ sauce I mean teriyaki sauce.

Ikkyu Ramen Ten youngsters

So it makes me wonder how this place survived.  Well, at around the time we’re there, a LOT of younger high schoolers (older elementary?) came to eat.  They do have quite cheap sushi rolls and combos though.  Maybe that’s how.

Obviously I would NOT recommend this place.  It’s quite rundown and dirty.  The washroom was one stall and the floor was WET.  GROSS!!  The walls were done very badly, decor was just gut-wrenching.  I don’t know how I survived it.  Don’t know how I didn’t get a stomach ache after!!!

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  1. Your blog is fantastic. I love your writing style and it has such an ease to it. It’s fun to read, and I can see it happening in my head. I don’t think I’ll personally go there. Just looking at the food I can tell the quality is not up to standard to what a real ramen noodle place should be. I was very impressed, I’ve personally subscribed to your blog, so I look forward to your future reviews!

  2. Oh man haha you were in my neighbourhood!

    Yea, I never ate from here during highschool [DT] although my friends would get their cheap sushi combos for lunch. Meh, california rolls are boring.

  3. You should have gone to Menya instead. It’s about one block east of Cambie on Broadway. While it isn’t as good as M and K, it’s also better than what you had. At least all the servers are Japanese and the they attempt to do a credible enough ramen when you’re craving for it.

    It’s very busy, but in a good way. The gyozas are ok and I like the onigiri (rice ball) you can order as a side dish.

    1. OMG I was so close to it??? I was using yellowpages on my phone to find it but it couldn’t find that name!!! Darn!!!

      Well at least it’s not in Downtown, I’ll definitely go try it. Thanks for you many great suggestions!!

  4. My mom and I used to like to go to this place. Its pretty neat and cozy. Of course, until I visited Japan and find out what real ramen taste like. Since then, my default choice is G-men

  5. Holy cow, those people! That’s me and my friends! o___o And uh, we’re in highschool. Not elementary. LOL.

  6. @Wendy

    You and your family are ignorant idiots with no common sense. If you had any, most of what you whined about would make perfect sense. But white folks are known to bitch about everything, even when things are swell…

    #1 Yes, every noodle has its own texture or “chewiness” as you so put it.

    #2 your waitress probably honestly didn’t know the kitchen was out of Sapporo, shit happens, even at The Keg. Get over it.

    #3 she kept asking you which noodle you wanted “(instead) of Sapporo, morons.

    #4 char Siu is a Chinese style of pork, not Japanese.

    #5 find any white restaurant that serves you that much squid for $5, then complain. I’ll bet you $20 to your mailbox you can’t.

    #6 the floor was probably wet cause it was being mopped or had just finished being!

    See? Not rocket science…

    #1 different noodles have different

  7. @Wendy

    Ok look, I have went to Ikkyu Ramen Ten before I love the food its very good! The bathroom floor was wet because the owner lady mops very often, she didn`t mutter you idiot, she was just telling the order to the chef, the owners didn`t name the place, they bought it years ago! The food ins`t awful you just have a friggin different taste of things EVERYONE does! So stop trashing GOT IT?
    Thanks! ^_^

  8. The prices here are WAY cheaper than most sushi joints in Vancouver. The rolls are fresh with big portions and lots of variety. The owners are very nice and you can’t blame someone for not being fluent in English. Sorry not everyone was born in Canada.
    I’ve been coming here for ages and have gotten to know the owners. She likes to mop the floor of the bathroom, and they opened up the restaurant mainly because of the high school nearby. This obviously cannot compete with sushi restaurants downtown. It’s an east Van SUSHI restaurant that uses clean food and has never had a health problem. It is a gem.

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