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Ajijiman @ Aberdeen Centre

Update: This restaurant has closed.

Ajijiman: Charsiu Ramen in Tonkotsu with milk tea

Where in Richmond can you have a bowl of ramen along with a refreshing HK-style iced milk tea?

Ajijiman Aberdeen

Mom and I deviated from our weekly ritual of going to dim sum by not going to dim sum.  Instead we went to Aberdeen Centre’s food court for lunch.

I really like this food court.  It has quite a variety of food so if you wanted a different type of food from your companion, that can be easily accommodated.  Although I know this is true of all food courts, I especially like Aberdeen Centre’s since it’s mostly Asian food and it’s a lot cheaper here than Western food courts.

I usually forget about Ajijiman since it’s hidden in the corner.  Not this time.  I took the time to walk around and saw it, so I was reminded of how I wanted to try their ramen.

Ajijiman: Charsiu Ramen in Tonkotsu soup

I ordered the Charsiu Ramen in Tonkotsu soup.  Like most places, you can choose between Tonkotsu, Miso or Shoyu soup.

First impression was…it was small.  It was quite a small bowl.  However, I liked seeing bamboo shoots and corn without having paid extra for them.  The egg too.

The soup was good but I’ll have to complain about the fact that there’s a certain flavor in it that’s only familiar to Chinese people.  You know how when you go have wonton noodles, there’s a distinct flavor in the water if they haven’t rinsed the noodles well enough before adding the soup?  It’s literally translated as “soapy water” from Chinese.  I could tasted that in the soup.  I thought this place made their own noodles but I think they only make the udon noodles, not the ramen.

Otherwise, not much else to complain.  I’m sure it won’t measure up to those Downtown ones (or even G-MEN to some people), but I’m satisfied, probably due to my last ramen experience.

It was quite expensive for such a small bowl though.

When this place first opened, it’s opened by a Japanese person who claims to have learnt his skills of soup and noodle making in the Noodle College of Japan (sounds kind of lame I know but who knows it could be a legitimate claim to be proud of).  I’m not sure if he’s still the owner/cook now, as the servers and cooks were all Chinese.

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  1. I go here a lot for their takoyaki and seafood pancake. I also like their udon which is very smooth and chewy. I don’t remember trying their ramen but now after your post, I think I’ll just stick to G-men when in Richmond.

    i find their prices for their other items are pretty reasonable. Their tonkatsu pork cutlet is pretty good with rice or noodles.

  2. oh! I have to agree about the “soapy water” taste ^^; but you know if U go a bit later in the afternoon, the broth’s flavor will be stronger and normally over power that yucky taste lol!

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