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Costco Food Court

Costco Food Court

Went to lunch with a coworker a few weeks ago.  Interestingly enough, it was the same one blogged by fellow blogger Sherman!

I’ve always liked getting the hot dogs at Costco.  In the Richmond location, that’s the best deal they have.  They also have pizza, some chicken roll thing, fries and poutine, Montreal Beef Sandwich, etc.

The Burnaby location has something we don’t have….Ribs.

Costco Food Court: Poutine

L and I shared a poutine and ribs last time.  Both were very good.  Even though the ribs don’t look the best, they’re actually very meaty and tender.  A good deal at $7.99.

This time we only had a poutine to share as neither of us were very hungry, we were at a time crunch too.

The poutine this time was really really salty.  Either they’ve over-salted the fries or added extra salt to the gravy.  We couldn’t finish it.  Usually it’s very good though.

However I’ve noticed that the they don’t really cover up the cheese curds with the hot gravy, causing some of the curds to not be melted, as I would’ve liked.

Costco Food Court Bill

The total came to $6, including refillable fountain drinks.  Not bad.  Hopefully the poutine is better next time.

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  1. The poutine is salty because of the gravy also the curds aren’t suppose to be completely melted. They are suppose to have a “chew” to them. But I guess most people like melted cheese on their poutines. you could always ask for the gravy on the side to distribute it yourself…. but that would just create more garbage.

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