Montana’s Cookhouse

Hitman won a pretty fab prize pack from work (some Safety thing lol) and one of the prizes was a $50 gift card for any restaurant in the Cara network, namely Swiss Chalet, Milestone’s, Montana’s, Kelsey’s, Harvey’s, etc.

He originally wanted to go to Milestones, but the closest one is not close at all…there’s downtown, White Rock, Richmond….now we figured we could go to the Richmond one, but it turns out it’s at the airport AFTER security…so a no go on that either.

So, we ended up deciding on Montana’s Cookhouse.  We wanted ribs!!!

Montana's Cookhouse

The closest one to us would be at Coquitlam Centre.  Still a pretty far drive, but it’s not the usual common fare a la Milestone’s, I was ok with it.

We decided to forgo appies since it was a Reward/Cheat day for us we were going to indulge in dessert anyways…Hitman adorably had a craving for something very, VERY indulgent-chocolatey-fudgey =)

Montana's Cookhouse: Beef Ribs with Southern Baked Beans and Garlic Mash & Gravy, cornbread

We both decided on ribs since that’s what Montana’s seems to be known for.  Since I’ve already called dibs on the pork ribs, Hitman had to settle for the beef ones =P

You get to pick 2 sides and they always come with cornbread.  Hitman picked the Southern Baked Beans and Garlic Mash & Gravy…he says the beans are good with the cornbread.  However to him the cornbread was too sweet and cake-like.  He much prefers the savory version.  You also get a choice of one of their four bbq sauces…he picked Texas Bold.

The ribs were massive and ALL MEAT.  Boy was there lots of meat!  It’s different from pork back ribs in that it has one big long flat rib with a thick slab of moist, tender succulent meat along side.  You just slide the bone off…or the meat off tomato/toMAAto =D

Weird thing though was that one side of the meat was cold.  Not ice-cold but room temperature, but the other side was hotter.  Probably due to the way it sits on the warmer??  Never thought of it before but now I wonder how it’s prepared…and held until it’s ordered…

Anyways going off topic here.  Hitman held onto his food though as we were on a time constraint.  Aside from the temperature, the meat was still very tender and flavorful, like a brisket.  The sauce was a bit sweet to his liking though.

Montana's Cookhouse: Pork Back Ribs with mash potatoes and Kicked Up Corn, corn bread

I had the pork back ribs with the same mash potatoes and Kicked Up Corn, which is basically a warm loose corn side dish.  Picked the Apple Butter as my sauce.

We both enjoyed this a lot.  It was noticeably much fattier than the beef ribs and Hitman noted that if he ordered it he would’ve been satiated/disgusted with it a few ribs in.  I had to stop after halfway and packed the rest.  It made a REALLY good lunch…my coworkers were mighty jealous~!

The corn side was pretty good, it was mixed with chopped celery and red peppers.  We both enjoyed the mash potatoes very much also!  It was just the right amount of garlicky~

Montana's Cookhouse: The Skillet Cookie

Now for dessert, I saw that they had something called The Skillet Cookie which is chocolate chip cookies baked in a cast iron pan.  It’s drizzled with caramel sauce and served with vanilla ice cream.  We had the ice cream served on the side.

Boy was this good…gooey, soft, chewy, which huge chunks of chocolate in the middle.  There were two so we each got to engulf one big one.  It was a bit like eating half-baked cookie batter, and SO good with the ice cream!!

Next time though we’ll tell them to omit the caramel sauce…that just brought it over the edge a little bit.

A yummy, wonderful dinner in the end…so glad he won the gift card!!

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