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Pak Kee Beef Noodle 栢記牛肉粉

Update Mar 15, 2012: This restaurant is now closed.

It’s about time I blogged about another great Asian food court in Richmond.  The one at Parker Place has got to be one of the more successful ones, as most of the shops there have been there since day 1.  It is always busy, always difficult to find a seat, always filled with the “dinging” of bells to indicate that an order is ready.

Pak Kee Beef Noodle

Pak Kee serves Vietnamese/Taiwanese food.  They have your usual pho, but they also have Taiwanese delights such as Salt & Pepper Chicken.  I’ve tried their pho and it’s not bad, definitely good enough for me to go back for more.  This is one of the gems of Parker Place that I love.

Pak Kee Beef Noodle: Salt & Pepper Chicken Nuggets with Rice

This time, I wanted something that I could pack for lunch for work so I ordered the Salt & Pepper Chicken Nuggets with Rice.  It comes with a few “sides” such as the soya egg, the cabbage, some preserved veggies, and a minced pork sauce which is over the rice, under the chicken pieces.

It was very good.  The chicken was flavored very well.  Since the owners spoke Cantonese at first I was afraid they wouldn’t make it right, but it tasted just like (if not better) than Pearl Castle or any other Taiwanese restaurant.  This was $5.50.

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Pak Kee Beef Noodle
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  1. I forgot the name of this restaurant and ended up at a place called Joy’s Taiwanese cafe instead. I also ordered the salt and pepper chicken but I haven’t tried it before, so I have nothing to compare it to. Joy’s also had one of the better iced lemon teas that I have had in awhile.

    Mine’s did not come with a soya egg which I would have liked. I guess, I’ll have to go back and try Pak Kee’s version.

    With an inexpensive ($3) 4 mixed icy from Cherry’s, it was a very afforable meal.

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