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Sunway Restaurant 三味

Update:  This restaurant is now closed.

It’s been a while huh.  Not gonna lie it’s been a busy busy summer for sure.  Hopefully I’ll get back to the groove of blogging again~  Here goes!

Sunway Restaurant

My good good friend LockerBud and I were trying to decide on a place for dinner.  At first we were going to go back to West Lake but once we got to Empire Centre, I remembered Sunway, and I’ve always wanted to try their Salt & Pepper chicken, so there we went!

Sunway Restaurant: Salt & Pepper Chicken

They have probably the cheapest Salt & Pepper Chicken around, at only $4.50.  It was hella good.  Fresh, large gobs of juicy, moist, succulent white meat.  The deep-fried basil leaves were really really good too.  It was absolutely delicious.  Again I must emphasize, these were LARGE PIECES of actual meat, not skin or batter.  A must try/order/eat!!!

Sunway Restaurant: Beef Roll

Another this we ordered was the Beef Roll.  It seems like it was deep-fried which meant it was really really good also.  The pastry part was flaky, and there was a lot of meat in it.  It could’ve been wrapped a bit better though.  But again, a must order.

Sunway Restaurant: Beef Noodles

I ordered the regular Beef Noodles.  Honestly though, I expected better than this.  The soup really wasn’t very good, and I like my beef to be more melt-in-your-mouth than what they serve here.   I won’t order this again.

Sunway Restaurant: Sour & Spicy Noodle Soup

LockerBud ordered the Sour & Spicy Noodle Soup.  Man did this suck.  It sucked really really bad.  First, I think they forgot the order as it didn’t not come till much much later.  Next, it just tasted awful.  I can’t even describe what it tastes like, except maybe they just diluted the Siracha sauce and used it as soup.

We both also ordered drinks, but I guess due to the lack of hired help it didn’t come till much much later also.  I ordered a Honey Green Milk Tea and they gave me Honey Green Tea, And it was super sweet.

If I were to come back it definitely won’t be for the noodle dishes, or the drinks.  Probably just the chicken and beef roll.  Perhaps we’ll try other snack-type foods too.

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