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Tri-ty 翠緹

Wow this post is long over-due.  I first came here with Fannypack during one of our BCIT dinners.  I was going to take her to try Taiwanese Beef Noodle at Dinesty but it was closed when we went, so we went across the street to try this place, to see if they have it.

They did, and we were in love with it ever since.

So on one of our outings we revisited Tri-ty.  Boyfriend came along too.

Tri-ty: Taiwanese Beef Noodle

And this is it!  It used to be $6.95 when we had it back then, which was only around 2 years ago.  Now it’s inflated to $8.50.

You can see how deeply colored and rich the broth is.  We just love it.  The beef slices are really melt-in-your-mouth tender.  It has tendons in it so it’s very very soft.  Man just describing it makes my mouth water.  It was also big enough for Fannypack and I to share.

Tri-ty: Salt and Pepper Popcorn Chicken with Rice

Boyfriend had something simple, the Salt and Pepper Popcorn Chicken with Rice.  It came with 3 side dishes like most Taiwanese places.  It also comes with dessert, which I think is the pudding they add to pudding milk tea.

The chicken was quite good.  Big chunks.  It would’ve been better if there were more meat in them though.

Tri-ty: Marinated Pork Intestines

We also ordered the Marinated Pork Intestines.  I really like this, but can’t have it too often for obvious reasons.

Tri-ty: Grapefruit Calprin Green Tea with pearls

Now as for drinks, I ordered Grapefruit Calprin Green Tea with pearls.  I think the Calprin drinks all come with a cool light ice cube.  Wonder how safe that is though.

It was alright.  More grapefruity than calpriny.

Tri-ty: Ginger Milk Tea with pudding

I ordered for Boyfriend and so he had the Ginger Milk Tea with pudding.  When they make this good it’s really good.  I don’t think there’s a lot of places that serves this cold.  I tried ordering this at Pearl Castle and they told me it’s only available hot.

Well, unfortunately this wasn’t one of the good days.

Tri-ty: Fresh Taro Milk Tea

As for Fannypack, she ordered the Fresh Taro Milk Tea.  It was quite nice actually, even though I didn’t have high expectations at first.  It seems like there’s ample amounts of taro in it to give it fresh taro flavor.  A very good choice indeed.

Tri-ty bill

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