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Chiffon Again

Update: This restaurant is now closed.

The gang and I had an outing to do a photoshoot last weekend.  It was quite sunny that day so by the end of it we were exhausted, hungry, and hot.  M mentioned during the shoot that she would love to have a cup of bubble tea in her hands at the moment.  That got my thirst for it going too so we ended up going to Chiffon for dinner that night.

As Boyfriend mentioned at our previous visit, the Osmanthus Milk Tea was hella good.  So I was determined to get that.  However once we got there, I got side-tracked by the many other choices.  Also since I’ve convinced F to get it, I was able to get something else.

More about that later…On to the food!

Chiffon: 3-cup Chicken

Tonight I had the 3-cup Chicken ($7.50).  It came with 3 side dishes and rice.  I really like the sauce and the basil leaves.  The chicken itself was weird.  It was quite hard.  4 of us in total had a chicken dish and we all agreed that the chicken was harder than M’s fried chicken.  We think that it’s because the chicken was already fried, then cooked and tossed again, making it even tougher.  Is that possible?

Anyways, the flavoring was really good.

Chiffon: Honey-Glazed Chicken

This was the other chicken dish ordered by O and C.  It’s something like Honey-Glazed Chicken ($7.50).  It was indeed very sweet and the chicken was hard (mind you when I say hard, some parts of it were still edible).

Between this and the 3-Cup Chicken, go with the 3-Cup.

Chiffon: Black Pepper Fried Chicken steak

M had the Black Pepper Fried Chicken steak.  This also came with 3 sides and rice.  I didn’t try it but apparently M gets this everytime she comes, so it must be good.  It was quite big too.

Chiffon: Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

Last was F’s choice.  Yes!  She DID pick something herself this time!!  She chose the Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup.  It was quite good, the soup was flavorful with a tinge of spiciness.  It was very oily though.  We didn’t like the type of noodles they used though.  We much prefer the one from Tri-ty.  The beef pieces were really tender though, much like Tri-ty’s, which was a good thing.  This dish reminded F and I that we need to go back to Tri-ty’s soon.

Chiffon: Taro Pudding

The dessert tonight was Taro Pudding glob.  It was good, very fragrant of the taro powder they use for the Taro Bubble Tea.  It was smooth and jiggly.

Now for the Osmanthus drink, I suspected that last time was a fluke, that it probably won’t taste that good again.  I was right, this time, there was hardly any Osmanthus aroma, more milk tea.  Good thing I didn’t order it.  Hopefully next time will be a fluke again.

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  1. Actually I went there for the first time after reading your first post. I guess I was expecting a lot more. I thought it was very clean but it wasn’t really. You can tell as soon as you step inside the restaurant. The welcome mat is really grungy and dirty. Uh-oh, a bad sign.

    After we sat down and given a menu, it took some waving to get the waitress back to our table to take our orders. They were all bunched up in the cashier station talking and chatting.

    The food is so-so. Not bad but not that good either to warrant a return visit.

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