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Celsius Cafe 匯

Update Feb 11, 2011 – This restaurant is now closed.

Driving down No. 3 one day, Boyfriend and I noticed a new restaurant where Montreal’s Roast Chicken used to be (never had a chance to try that one by the way…).  It seems like a HK-Style Cafe and we all know how much I love those, so I made a mental note to visit it.

Celsius Cafe exterior

In fact, we went the next night!  The night of the thunderstorm!!  And we enjoyed it so much, we went again the next night!  So there’s going to be lots of pictures in this post~

Celsius Cafe interior

First of all, I thought the place was pretty stylish.  I especially liked the hanging pictures in front on top of the bar area.  They also have a liquor license for those interested.

Celsius Cafe specials menu

As they’re new, they had a few deals.  We took advantage of the 2nd one on our next night.

Celsius Cafe menu

I wonder if this is a trend in cafes now, cuz I’ve seen it pop up in a few places.  The waitress here told me that they make their own broth so I thought I’ll try it.

Weird though, for some reason I had already expected that this place will have something like this, and they did!

It doesn’t say it comes with a drink but it does say you can add $2 for a Bubble Tea-type drink.

Celsius Cafe: Fish Broth with sliced beef and fish tofu

I picked Fish Broth with sliced beef and fish tofu.  It was very good.  The broth was very tasty and rich.  The beef slices were tender, just like hotpot beef.  The fish tofu were good as always.  I really enjoyed this.  I had it with thick vermicelli and they were chewy, al dente.

Celsius Cafe: daily special meal

They also have a small whiteboard on a pillar that has their daily specials.  It’s $5.95.  Now a thing with their meals is that they don’t actually say if a drink is included or not.  They also have Bubble Tea type drinks and normal HK-Style drinks.  It’s weird.  See below.

Celsius Cafe: Lemon tea and Milk tea

I had the Lemon Tea, Boyfriend had the Milk Tea.  The Milk Tea was Taiwanese style instead of HK style.  It just tasted like the Milk Tea in Bubble Tea.  I’d rather is was HK-Style.

Celsius Cafe bill

(Funny how they’re using written bills)  Now you can see here, they only charged us $1 for the drinks.  The next night though, when I ordered the Milk Tea as a drink, it was $2.  So I’m not sure how to order it “properly”.

Celsius Cafe: Pork Bone Broth, lamb slices and marinated chicken wing

The next visit I had the noodle combo again, but this time with Pork Bone Broth, lamb slices and marinated chicken wing.  The soup was good too.  I’m really liking this place.

Celsius Cafe: Roasted Chicken Sandwich

Boyfriend had the daily special again.  This time it’s the Roasted Chicken Sandwich.  He really enjoyed their fries.  The sandwich was good too.  Good deal for $5.95.

Celsius Cafe: Salt and Pepper Chicken

He ordered a Bubble Tea drink to take advantage of the Opening Special.  They’re give you a choice of appies.  We picked the Salt and Pepper Chicken.

It was surprisingly good.  The were bigger chunks than usual but were extremely moist.  Really good.  This would’ve cost $6.95 but it was free.

And like I said, our drinks this time were $2.

Celsius Cafe: starters

On our first visit they gave us these free starters.  But we didn’t get them the second time.

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  1. Great !! Another new place to try. Thanks for posting. Like you I’ve always meant to go to the Montreal BBQ Chicken but didnt get around to it. Now its gone and I cant use my entertainment book coupon anymore. Oh well…

  2. I’ve been to Montreal BBQ Chicken years ago, and it was good. It went downhill in recent years. The chicken skin was lovely and crisp. Oddly enough the french fries in your photo are the same kind that Montreal BBQ Chicken or Roosters Quarters as it was also called, served. They were good fries.

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