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Berry Good Cafe

Berry Good Cafe

“Berry Good…it was…Very Good!” – Boyfriend

That was how he suggested I start this post.  Anyways, feeling like dessert one night, I looked around Urbanspoon and Dinehere to see what dessert places are located in Richmond.  Berry Good got pretty positive reviews from most everyone that reviewed.

So naturally I decided that Boyfriend would accompany me there.

Berry Good Cafe

It is a pretty small cafe located in Excel Centre in Richmond.  Don’t know where that is?  That ok, most of us don’t.  In fact, Boyfriend and I thought we knew but when we arrived we didn’t.

Basically it’s one of the three often forgotten “centre”/”plaza”/”malls” that includes Admiralty Centre and Pacific Centre.  It’s near Garden City and McKim Way, in the mall that has Top Gun Hotpot.

They’ve put some effort into the interior decorating.  Boyfriend especially likes the ‘brick’ wall you see above.

They also seem to bake and decorate their own cakes.  The night we were there the lady was in the back decorating a Green Tea Mousse cake.

Berry Good Cafe

There’s one fridge in there that showcases their cakes of the day.  Even though their menu has about 25+ cakes, only a few are available each day.

Each slice is $4.95 and up.  Honestly, they look nice but the slices are kind of small.

Berry Good Cafe: Green Tea Cheese Mousse

Aside from the main menu, they had a “Special Combo” menu.  Naturally we ordered from that menu.

Above is my choice.  I picked the Green Tea Cheese Mousse with Golden Fruit Melody (tea).  This was $8.99.

I especially enjoyed the Green Tea jelly on top.  Although I usually don’t enjoy red beans in anything, this was good.  I could hardly taste them.  The cheese mousse tasted more cream cheesy than green tea.

Berry Good Cafe: Golden Fruit Melody tea

The tea was an herbal tea.  It was fragrant and a bit tangy from the citrusy fruits.  It’s a nice touch to an evening.

Berry Good Cafe: teapot warmer

I especially like the teapot warmer…it has 5 hearts!!

Berry Good Cafe: Strawberry Shortcake

Boyfriend ordered the combo with a Berry Good Smoothie and the Strawberry Shortcake.  He forgot to take a picture of the smoothie though.  I guess it looked too enticing~  I had a sip, it was very banana-y, which I guess it weird since it’s supposed to be BERRY Good Smoothie.  It wasn’t bad though.

Berry Good Cafe

On the “wall” right below the counter are many pictures of what I assume to be their other products.  Pretty interesting to see.  Some of their cakes are quite pretty aesthetically.

Overall it was a good experience but we both felt it was a bit expensive.  Total came to $20 for the both of us.  I would probably go back to Le Bonbon Cafe if I felt like a cheesecake fix.  But this place closes pretty late (11pm weeknights, 12pm Fri-Sat), so it’s probably a good choice for those untimely cravings.

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Berry Good Cafe
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  1. I want to try both Berry Good & Bon Bon Cafe! I’ve had a wierd cheesecake craving for the last week. I’ll probably drop by Bon Bon Cafe on my way to the post office next door tomorrow.

    1. Oooh it makes me excited that you’re wanting to try Le Bonbon! They really do have great cheesecakes. I suggest you try their original flavor first.

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