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Red Lobster “Endless Shrimp Fest”

Red Lobster Lynnwood

Before our trip to Washington I’ve been seeing these Red Lobster commercials on tv promoting their “Endless Shrimp Fest”.  The commercial looked so enticing we decided to pay them a visit when we’re down there.

The closest one to us is the one in Lynnwood.

Red Lobster Lynnwood

Red Lobster Lynnwood

Red Lobster Lynnwood

I must say they did a pretty good job with the inner decor.  It was very inviting to me and I liked the “old shipyard”-esque look and feel to the place.

We ordered two drinks.  Mine was a Triple Berry Sangria while Boyfriend ordered the Mud Slide.

Red Lobster Lynnwood: Berry Sangria

The Berry Sangria was very good.  It tasted very refreshing and there was just a slight tartness to it.  It’s description is Sutter Home merlot blended with the refreshing juices of blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and a hint of ginger.

Red Lobster Lynnwood: Mudslide

Boyfriend really liked his Mudslide.  It was too heavy a drink with me since I wasn’t that hungry to begin with.  However, it was very creamy and smooth.

Red Lobster Lynnwood: cheese biscuits

These cheese biscuits were served at the beginning of the meal much like how other restaurants serve bread right after you order.  I could’ve just eaten these for dinner!  They were nice and crispy on the outside but fluffy inside.  There was a taste of garlic on the outer crust too.

Red Lobster Lynnwood: Lobster, Crab and Seafood-Stuffed Mushrooms

I was supposed here for the Shrimp Fest, but I was too full from the supposedly light lunch earlier, so I decided to just get an appetizer.  What I picked was the Lobster, Crab and Seafood-Stuffed Mushrooms.  The stuffing was really good.  I could really see crab pieces in there.  However I would’ve liked them to use bigger mushrooms as some of the pieces, the stuffing was larger than the mushroom and that made it very messy.  There was also quite a bit of oil too but I think that’s from the yummy Monterey-Jack cheese.

Red Lobster: Plain Garden Salad

I also added a salad to make this a meal but that was a mistake.  Taste-wise, it was ok.  It was just a plain garden salad, nothing special.  But they charged me $3.00 to add this.  A bit much I would think.  The portion wasn’t that big either.  I was not happy.  I might as well have gone for the Shrimp Fest.

Red Lobster Lynnwood: Garlic Shrimp Scampi and Cajun Shrimp

Boyfriend went for it.  There was a number of rules you have to follow though, as the waitress kindly told us when he ordered it: 1) You can only choose 2 shrimp items; 2) You can not share (yea right like we’re gonna follow that); 3) You must finish your portion before you can order a refill; 4) You can only pick 1 item at a time for your refill; 5) The refill must be something you ordered already.

Wow huh?!  Anyway, Boyfriend chose the Garlic Shrimp Scampi (left) and Cajun Shrimp (R).  They were both pretty good though.  The seasoning tasted very good.  The Cajun Shrimp wasn’t spicy, so it was right for me (Ha!  Not sharing right??).

The refill came on a little teacup saucer.  Classy.  The Shrimp Fest cost $16.99USD.

Overall not a bad dinner, not great either.  Next time I’ll take the Shrimp Fest.

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  1. I personally love to go to Shrimp Fest–I wait for it all year! But when I’ve ordered it, the rules have been somewhat different. The two rules that were different were that we didn’t have to finish our shrimp portion before re-ordering and the refill could be a different kind than the first two ordered. In fact, the servers usually encourage us to order our next portion as soon as they bring our meal, so that they can get the order started. I live in Minnesota. So maybe it varies in different regions, or the different chains interpret the rules differently. If you do have to stick to those rules next time, you and your boyfriend could just order different kinds and share–secretly of course! 🙂 That way you’d get to have more of a variety.

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