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Taco Bell

Our first dinner during our US trip was at Taco Bell.  This specific location is the one located near Seattle Premium Outlet at exit 202.

We’ve always liked Taco Bell.  They have great tasting, big and cheap combos.

Taco Bell: Fruitista Freeze

Currently they offer these fruit & creme slushie drinks called Fruitista Freeze.  There are 3 flavors: Triple Berries ‘n Creme, Strawberries ‘n Creme, and Mango ‘n Creme.  All three are topped with real strawberries.

Taco Bell: Strawberries 'n Creme Fruitista Freeze

This time we tried the Strawberries ‘n Creme.  It was really good.  That’s all I can say.  If you get the chance, try it, they’re only available until Dec 24.

Taco Bell: Chalupa

I always get the Chalupa when I come here.  This combo has 2 Chalupas, a hard original taco and a (really big) drink, and it only costs $5.99USD.  However we substituted the drink for the Fruitista Freeze.

Taco Bell: Triple Steak Burrito

Boyfriend got the Triple Steak Burrito.  It was REALLY good.  Very meaty, cheesy, and filling.  There was cheese, steak, and rice inside a soft tortilla shell.

Taco Bell: Volcano Taco

He also ordered a Volcano Taco.  It is basically their original hard taco but in a red shell.  Consists of beef, lettuce and cheese.  The volcano part is the spicy sauce.  He quite liked it.  It was a bit more spicy than I expected.

Taco Bell: Chicken Quesadilla.

Taco Bell: Chicken Quesadilla

He was not full.  So he ordered a Chicken Quesadilla.  I’ve had this before and it was always very good too.  There is only basically chicken and cheese and some sort of sauce in this.

Taco Bell: Fruitista Freeze Triple Berries n Creme

Taco Bell: Fruitista Freeze Triple Berries n Creme

We liked the Fruit ‘n Creme series so much we got the other two flavors on our drive home.  They were GOOD.

Taco Bell: Fruitista Freeze Mango 'n Creme
Mango ‘n Creme

Taco Bell: Fruitista Freeze Mango n Creme

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  1. I was at Taco Bell today. Thanks to your blog, I rediscovered something I usually don’t go to. I had the Steak Gordito and the Strawberry mango Fruitista. The steak gordito was tasty and probably would have been better with hot sauce but the server forgot to put it in the bag. I also ordered a side of guacamole and was surprised by much fresh it was and the large portion. The strawberry mango fruitista was definitely my favourite. They have a line of pina colada slushies for the summer and like the creme version you had, there were real strawberries.

    I just wish there was a taco bell in my area so I could get one whenever the mercury level rises.

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