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Wendy and I are in Obama-land again!  We were in search of July 4th savings at Bellis Fair and the Chelsea Premium Outlet (shameless plugs, I know).  Wendy had planned it that we visit Carl’s Jr that was located beside my beloved Taco Bell.  It was a really hot day (32C) when we got there during the late afternoon and it seemed the like perfect weather to pig out with burgers, fries and soft drinks.

Carl's Jr

Carl's Jr: The Portobello Mushroom Six Dollar Burger

One of the prettiest photos of a burger I have EVER seen.  OMG, *mouth watering*.  It was without a shadow of a doubt that we will order this burger.

Carl's Jr menu

We were very surprised as to the variety of burgers available.  We knew for certain that we will return again to test out these creations.  Perhaps our readers can leave comments as to what to try next!

Carl's Jr: Regular drink and Full Throttle Blue Demon

Now, this drink is quite big.  It is only a ‘regular’ size.  We used the Full Throttle drink as a comparison (it’s the large version and btw, the energy drink was excellent).  These massive portions of fast food items in America allows me to clearly see once again the reason why I see the way people are when I visit Tulalip’s Walmart.  The Raspberry Ice Nestea was pretty darn good!  It was a big on the sweet side (need to adjust the syrup/water ratio) but it was quite satisfying.

Carl's Jr: Chili Cheese Fries

The Chili Cheese Fries was disappointing.  It was nowhere NEAR what it looked in the picture and made me hesitate to order the Chili-Cheese Burger next time around.  It was very salty and I still think our Dairy Queens carry a vastly superior Chili-Cheese Fries than Carl’s Jr.  Thumbs down for this.

Carl's Jr: Jalapeno Chicken Burger

Our luck for the food turned for the better with the main attractions.  My Jalapeno Chicken Burger was very well made.  The chicken was tender, juicy and grilled (so it’s more healthy!)  There were at least 15-20 pieces of small jalapenos stuffed into this monstrosity.  I have to admit that I had to remove half of them because it was just overbearing at this point.  But thumbs up!

Carl's Jr: The Portobello Mushroom Six Dollar Burger

The Portebello Mushroom Burger.  Sweet Jebus!  The meat was tender, and the look of the melted processed cheese ‘drooling’ down the sides of the patties made me swoon.  Wendy was quite impressive, she took it down with one bite left for me to finish!  No doubt, she enjoyed this promoted product.

Carl's Jr: bill

The bill was pretty much was we expected.  The funny thing was that the “$6 Mushrm Burger” was $4.89. LOL   But we’ll take the “discount” without any remorse.

Carl’s Jr was a great place to be for our trip – definitely a highlight. There’s no doubt that we will be returning to try out other burgers on the menu and posting more reviews.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. dat looks DELISH! T_T too bad US is so far~~

    btw.. is dat a mini happi face i see in the right side of ur blog background?? haha so cute!


  2. Tried Carl Jr. after my visit to Bites of Seattle (you’d think I’d had enough food already) yesterday and I was not disappointed. The beef was a nice flame grilled patty filled with tasty mushrooms. My supposedly not hungry nephew wolfed his half down in a nanosecond. I also liked the fresh tomatoes, lettuce and raw onions. Also tried one of my other nephew’s onion rings and it was very crunchy and non greasy.

    Next time, i hope to enjoy the food sitting down instead of standing and in a rush, as we had more shopping to be done and I was the principal driver.

  3. Fyi, Carls jr is known for their $6 burgers, they dont cost six dollars just supposed to be worth six dollars…. thus your so called “discount”. thanks for the giggle =) glad you enjoyed a california treasure up here in the pnw!

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