Ruby’s Diner

Update Apr. 8, 2014-This restaurant is now closed.

Wendy and I have been in Washington State quite a bit this year.  We usually stay the night at her relative’s home and then roam the highways of the I5.   The funny thing is that we usually end up at Alderwood Mall.  Wendy loves her Sephora and I like sitting in that one shop with all the massage chairs and devices.  One thing we did this time but never before was to visit Ruby’s Diner.  It is basically at one end of the food court.  You really can’t miss it.

Ruby's Diner

We didn’t really plan to come here, but we knew it would a place to blog about.  It has a 1950-60s decorum and all the waitresses were dressed similarly.

Ruby's Diner

As evidence of my above statement regarding the waitresses.

Ruby's Diner: Butterfinger and Vanilla Black Cherry Milkshakes

Yum.  First meal of the day for us were milkshakes!  Wendy chose the Vanilla Blackcherry while I got the Butterfinger.  Both were definitely sweet as expected.  I REALLY enjoyed the Butterfinger bits and loves chewing on them.  The Vanilla Blackcherry shake had bits of cherry pieces in there as well.  A nice start to our meals.

Ruby's Diner: Super Burger

Wendy’s choice was “Super Burger” – it is described as “Double Swiss cheese and sliced avocado on grilled Parmesan sourdough”.   The meat was tender and I liked how ‘crispy’ they toasted the bread without burning it.  I personally really like sour dough with any sandwich so there will be a slight bias.  The tomato pieces were huge.  We had to take them out to make the eating experience less difficult.  The avocado were not in slices.  It was more like ‘guacamole” style spread in the sandwich.  The fries were awesome.  They were crispy on the outside and a soft fluffy interior.  Wendy liked it as it is very close to the Jack In the Box’s “Sour Dough Jack”.  I thought it was good but I personally wouldn’t order it again (except the fries).

Ruby's Diner: Santa Fe Burger

This is the Santa Fe Burger.  I ordered it because I like the look of the Hyundai Santa Fe SUV (serious).  The menu describes it as, “A southwestern masterpiece!  Roasted green chili, double pepper jack cheese and chipotle sauce”.   The burger was pretty decent. The meat tasted like meat (can’t say that about most fast food places) and the fries dominated once again.  The sauce was pretty decent, but to my disappointment, it was not spicy at all.  I wanted some ZING to kick start the day.

The bill came to USD35.  With the exchange rate that it is these days, that’s pretty good.  The service took a bit longer than desired – I basically finished my milkshake until the food arrived.  The server was courteous and in whole, it was a good experience.  I recommend our readers to check it out next time when you visit Alderwood Mall.


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