World Wrapps @ Alderwood Mall

Update: World Wrapps is now closed.

We didn’t get out of our relatives house until around 1pm that day, so we were starving.  We planned to eat at the food court but I saw World Wrapps at the outer Village part of the mall, and I couldn’t take my hunger anymore.

World Wrapps

World Wrapps

The inner decor was very festive and caribbean-like.  Even though it was a cloudy day, the interior was still very brightly lit.

World Wrapps: Thai Chicken Wrap

Like most places, they use tin foil to wrap their wraps so it can be peeled away as needed.

World Wrapps: Thai Chicken Wrap

I ordered the Thai Chicken Wrap.  It has grilled chicken, thai peanut sauce, jasmine rice, ginger slaw (really good), cucumbers, green onions and sesame seeds in a spinach tortilla.  As you can see this thing is FILLED, which was probably the primary reason why I couldn’t have the Shrimp Fest later that day.

It was REALLY REALLY good, but it cost me $6.90USD, which was about $10CAD!!!!!  Oh well…what’s done is done…

World Wrapps: Argentina Steak Wrap

Boyfriend had the Argentina Steak Wrap, which has sirloin steak, spanish rice, chopped romaine, tomato, and “authentic Chimichurri Sauce” in a tomato tortilla.  It was slightly too spicy for me…my wrap was better~

There were big chunks of steak pieces in there though, and it was good also.

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