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Sushi World/Pink Swirl

Update Sep 13, 2010: Now closed but part of the restaurant Pink Swirl, in the same mall.
Update: Pink Swirl now closed too 🙁

One of our favorite take-out sushi places is Sushi World, located in Empire Centre on No. 3 Road in Richmond.

This place is owned by Chinese.  Now, normally I would stay away from non-Japanese owned sushi restaurants.  However, what keeps us coming back is the many fusion sushi’s Sushi World has created.  Notably their crepe-wrapped sushi’s.

Sushi World: Tokyo Combo

This is the Tokyo Combo with their most popular roll, the Tokyo Roll (above drizzled in red).  It is your choice of fresh mango or avocado and imitation crab wrapped with crepe, topped with black tobiko and mayonnaise.  However, this time I asked for their Monkey Tokyo Roll instead, which substitutes fresh banana into it and is drizzled with a raspberry sauce.  There is NO rice at all in this roll.

Also included in the combo is Tuna and Salmon nigiri sushi, and a chopped-scallop roll.  Now, I NEED to tell you that the Tuna and Salmon slices are HUGE.  They are LONG, well past the length of my hand.  I am not kidding you.  The chopped-scallop roll is equally bigger than you normally see them.  (Not longer than my hand though.  That would be scary.)

This combo is only $7.95.

Sushi World

Now I don’t quite remember what this roll is called, but I think it’s Kyoto Roll.  Basically what it is, is scallop and shrimp, with rice wrapped with crepe.  Finished with a Pesto mayonnaise and black sesame seeds.  This is one of their new creations.  This was not bad, but I prefer their rice-less rolls better.

I highly recommend this place.  Now I must warn, the place is small and doesn’t look the cleanest.  However I’ve been back multiple times and I’m still alive, so it can’t be that bad.  I also recommend calling ahead to order for take-out.  There is limited seating here.

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  1. i’ve been to this place numerous times and it just keeps getting better and better! i’ll have to try that Monkey Tokyo Roll. it looks fantastic! thanks for the review!

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