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Macau Cafe at Parker Place 澳門街

Macau CafeOnce in a while, I get a hankering for some good old Hong Kong comfort food.  These foods come in the form of fried noodles, congee, baked spaghetti, etc., just a smorgasbord of items all accompanied by ice-cold Hong Kong style milk tea, coffee, or a mix of both (a wonderful invention from my culture).  The best city I know of to get that in the Lower Mainland is of course Richmond.  I met up with Mom one afternoon to have a quick bite to eat before heading down to the States.  Meeting up at Parker Place with Dad also, I chose to try out the relatively new Macau Cafe in the food court.

Macau Cafe - Pork bone congee comboMacau Cafe was quite busy on a weekday afternoon, probably due to their wallet-friendly prices.  I’ve wanted to try their Pork bone congee combo for a while now, so that was exactly what I ordered.  For $6, you get said congee with your choice of either Soy Sauce fried noodles, Radish cake, Rice roll with mixed sauce, or Sticky rice wrap.  I chose the sticky rice wrap.  And to that I also added a cup of cold Mixed Milk Tea/Coffee for an extra $0.50.

Macau Cafe - Pork bone congee Now as to the “pork bone”, it really is just the cartilage that joins the ribcage to the spine (I last had this at Golden Sea City).  There were 2 pieces, one larger than the other.  All parts were cooked till tender so they were easy to bite into.

The texture of the congee was fluffy, though it could have been a bit smoother, but who am I to complain.  They make it far superior than how I could’ve ever made it.  It was salted just enough but I couldn’t detect any pork bone flavor, so I will assume that they did not cook the congee with the pork bone.  It would’ve been nice if they had though.

Macau Cafe - Sticky rice wrapThe Sticky rice wrap had your usual suspects of salted duck egg yolk,mashed mung beans, and a piece of fatty pork.  The size of the wrap was a little smaller than the usual ones you buy, but as part of a combo it was enough for me.

Macau Cafe is a great place to grab a quick bite to eat when you have a craving for Hong Kong cafe style food, as since it’s in a food court Macau Cafe eliminates the need to wait to be seated or to deal with servers!
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