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Edible Canada at the Market

Edible Canada - Market Entrance

Travelzoo recently had a dinner-for-2 deal for Edible Canada in Granville Island.  We had both wanted to try this restaurant for a while now and missed it during Dine Out Vancouver this year, so I quickly snatched it up for a date with Fannypack.  This was one of the better value deals as you get two full 3-course meals, none of the ‘shared appetizer’ or ‘shared dessert’ mumbo jumbo.

We mistook the entrance above for the entrance to the restaurant.  It’s actually for the market (although it cuts through).  Did you know that if you dine at the bistro, you get 10% off purchases in the market?

Edible Canada bistro side

The dining areas of Edible Canada are divided into two spaces the actual bistro area and the bar area.  Above is the busy bistro side.

Edible Canada - bar side

And this is the bar area.  We got seated just across from it on high top tables.  It was quieter here for sure, and was right by the market!  The kitchen was an open-kitchen concept by the entrance.

Our server Kyle was also the bartender.  He was very attentive and checked in on us throughout the meal.

Here I would also like to note that Edible Canada participates in the Mealshare program, which provides a meal to someone in need through charitable organizations when you order a specified Mealshare menu item.

Driftwood Brewery - White Bark Wheat

I started with a half pint of Driftwood Brewery’s White Bark Wheat beer ($5).  I was enticed by the notes of coriander and Curacao orange.  This was a very light and refreshing beer with minor herb notes.  Couldn’t taste the orange though.

Edible Canada - Crispy Sweetbreads

My appetizer choice was Crispy Sweetbreads ($16) to the horror of Fannypack.  The succulent morsels were breaded and fried, then topped with an herbed fennel and apple salad.  It was then drizzled with a maple syrup and mustard seed glaze, and then sprinkled with Amola truffle salt (which they sell in their market).

My first comment would be that this was a very large portion size.  In fact I could say it was a meal in itself.  The sweetbreads were cooked to just done, and the breading along with the glaze really offset any possible offal aromas.  The fennel and apple salad was equally appetizing, being very lightly marinated with dressing.  I’m usually not a fan of parsley but together with fennel it made a great combination.  My only gripe would be that it was lukewarm when it arrived and I would’ve liked the dish served hotter.

Edible Canada - Crispy Humboldt Squid

Fannypack had the Crispy Humboldt Squid ($14).  It was served atop garum aioli (garum is a fermented fish sauce condiment used in Greek cuisine), then topped with watercress and pickled ramps.

The ramps tasted like a crunchier, tougher, slender onion bulb.  The watercress was slightly bitter which Fannypack wasn’t too fond of but I didn’t mind, and actually quite enjoyed.

But the star of the dish is of course the  Humboldt squidthe big, thick slices of crispified goodness.  The steaks were tender and moist, to the point of being juicy.  You can really tasted the saltiness of the sea in them.  You just can’t compare these to calamari.

Edible Canada - Grilled Octopus

For entrees, I had originally ordered the North Thompson Farms Yak because I’m always game for, well, game! And yak on a menu is not a common occurrence.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, as I was later told that it was sold out (at 7pm on a Thursday…dinner time…we couldn’t help but think it’s because we’re dining with a voucher).  So instead, I went with my second choice of Grilled Octopus ($24), as I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since trying at L’Abattoir last time.  It’s served on a cast iron skillet with charred Serrano chili, chorizo, potatoes, and spring onions, in a pork broth and Nonna Pia white balsamic reduction

As I was taking pictures, a man who later turned out to be the restaurant manager walked by and told me how tender the octopus is.  At the moment I still haven’t tried it yet so I just took his word for it.  Indeed the center was tender, to the point of almost mushy.  I would compare it to lobster sashimi, so I think it was cooked to a medium rare or something like that.

Later the manager came back to see if I’d tried it yet.  When I told him I had and that it was indeed tender, he proceeded to tell me how it was prepared.

First, they remove the skin from the octopus, then cryopack it along with the ham broth and other aromatics.  Then it’s cooked sous-vide for 8 hours after which it is then cold shocked to stop the cooking process.  Then, when an order is put in, that’s when they put it on the grill and then add back the broth and other vegetables along with it.  Interesting tidbits!

Honestly though, I would’ve like my octopus a bit more cooked and firm so that there was more texture and chew to it.  I wouldn’t say I enjoyed this as much as my last experience with grilled octopus.  The broth was also quite salty.  Oh and there were only 4 pieces of octopus.

Edible Canada - Heritage Angus Steak Frites

Fannypack’s Heritage Angus Steak Frites ($26) wasn’t interesting enough to warrant a preparation speech 😉 but it was delicious nonetheless.  This was also prepared sous-vide to a medium rare (they only asked Fannypack what temperature she wanted it served at….which was unusual lol).  Served with a dollop of bone marrow butter on top a bed of arugula with peppercorn jus.  On the side were duck fat frites.

The beef was little tough to cut through but it wasn’t tough to chew.  It was also very good quality meat as the taste of beef really shown through.  I quite enjoyed the slice I stole from Fannypack.

Edible Canada - Creme Posset

Lastly is of course dessert time.  I chose the Creme Posset ($8) which I assumed meant cream in a pot.  And that’s exactly what it was.  Topped with hazelmere blueberries and crumbled toasted hazelnuts, it was a dense creamy custard concoction that was slightly tartish like a yogurt, and not overly sweet.  A great choice to end the night.

As I was enjoying this, the restaurant manager came back to chat.  When I told him the taste sensations I had, he proceeded to let me know that the cream is first heated, then lemon juice is added and then they let it stand so it curdles and sets.

Edible Canada - Bacon Ice Cream Sundae

Fannypack’s Bacon Ice Cream Sundae ($8) was equally good.  Again it wasn’t overly sweet even with the dulce de leche sauce generously drizzled over the bacon ice cream, ginger brownie, and walnut crumble.  The softly whipped cream on top was light and airy and unsweetened.  Great assembly of flavors and greatly enjoyed by the both of us.

We were both really impressed with our meal at Edible Canada.  Service was extremely friendly albeit a little slow, but portion sizes were decent and the decor was pleasant and inviting.  I would be glad to come back again.

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