Picture of Salty's Beach House's Maui Mai Thai

Salty’s Beach House – Penticton, BC

After a day of wine tasting, we headed to Penticton for dinner at Salty’s Beach House.  Salty’s Beach House is located directly across from Lake Okanagan in Downtown Penticton and if you get a patio seat you have great views of the lake and beach.  As the weather forecasted rain that day, we had reserved a […]

John B. Pub - Egg-cellent Burger

John B. Pub

AngryRussian had been dying to take me to John B. Pub, a place he’s been going to for years, and one night we finally had the chance. John B is a casual pub restaurant in Coquitlam with an attached liquor store.  It is super roomy with plenty of tvs to watch the games from.  There’s […]

Pumphouse Taproom

Update:  This restaurant has closed. After a raving review from The Awkward Diner about Pumphouse Taproom, especially that they have a huge beer list (and a yummy fruity one to boot), I enlisted Six to accompany me to Richmond for a taste. The place has a full-on pub vibe for sure.  In fact, when we […]

Secret item “Triple Triple” at Triple O’s

For White Spot’s 85th anniversary, Triple O’s offered a secret menu item called the Triple Triple.  Why is it secret?  Because it’s not mentioned on their menu board…you have to be in the know to know to order it 😉 This is what they have to say about it: It is “Triple Os biggest burger […]

Gorilla Food

Update: This restaurant has closed. I had a day out with Miz Brown Sugar in Downtown and we were planning to have lunch too.  Since Miz Brown Sugar was vegan, I was left with the task of finding a suitable restaurant.  I actually didn’t realize how hard it was to find a vegan restaurant in Downtown.  […]

Ruby’s Diner

Update Apr. 8, 2014-This restaurant is now closed. Wendy and I have been in Washington State quite a bit this year.  We usually stay the night at her relative’s home and then roam the highways of the I5.   The funny thing is that we usually end up at Alderwood Mall.  Wendy loves her Sephora and […]

Burger King: Get ANGRY for $1.40!!

Back again to the Burger King!  After our positive reviews the last couple of times have encouraged us to return once more!  This time the new promotion is the ANGRY SPICY CHICKEN!  There’s an Angry Whopper too!  But tonight, Wendy and I were not too hungry so we just shared one Angry Chicken Sandwich.  Needless […]

Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich

GRock’s birthday was yesterday and to celebrate we all went out for lunch at work.  He didn’t have a particular place in mind but he chose Wendy’s in the end ‘cuz he felt like having a Frosty. In the end I chose the Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo ($7.02 with tax) even though I was weary […]

Carl’s Jr

Wendy and I are in Obama-land again!  We were in search of July 4th savings at Bellis Fair and the Chelsea Premium Outlet (shameless plugs, I know).  Wendy had planned it that we visit Carl’s Jr that was located beside my beloved Taco Bell.  It was a really hot day (32C) when we got there […]

A&W Mozza Burger

On a crazy windy, rainy night, Wendy and I decided to take our bi-monthly trip to Walmart.  After being starved for hours, I had a craving for a juicy burger.  So we went back to A&W. Wendy started off with a fat, juicy Mozza Burger.  We chose not to get the sirloin despite massive temptation […]